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While being inside a shower room means you need to be wet, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t avoid any potential accidents through the form of slipping. Even though it’s just a small space and the chances are very small, you can never be sure and safe with slippery surfaces. In this case, to keep you from accidentally hitting yourself in the head, you’re going to need a shower mat for every shower room that you got. A shower mat isn’t that important or typical in any home but it serves as great safety first mat for everyone else.

SlipX Solutions Square Shower Mat

For the best shower mat, it’s keeping you safe while making it clean as if there’s no shower added on the floor. With the use of SlipX Solutions Square Shower Mat, you won’t even notice that someone added a shower mat in your bathroom. The SlipX Solutions Square Shower Mat is available in several colors including a clear style. For the size, it comes at 21 x 21 inches. For the features, you’re getting a drainage-designed shower mat while providing reliable slip protection thanks to the presence of suction cups. The SlipX Solutions Square Shower Mat is made from high-quality vinyl that’s machine washable for the next few years.

Vive Shower Mat

Shower Mat by Vive - Square Bath Mats with Drain Hole - Non Slip Suction Cup Pad for Shower Stalls & Floors - Mold & Mildew Resistant 22" x 22" (White)

If you don’t want the hassle of blocked drainage, perhaps you might want to check the next product for that specific reason. With the Vive Shower Mat, you don’t have to worry about clogged water drainage thanks to its construction consideration. For the Vive Shower Mat, it features a dedicated drain hole right in the middle of the shower mat to allow for continuous water flow. The Vive Shower Mat comes in white color only while featuring no slip suction cup pads with mold and mildew resistant material. For the size, you’re getting a 22 x 22 inches from it.

AquaSense Non-Slip Bath Mat

AquaSense Non-Slip Bath Mat with Invigorating Massage Zones, Large

If you don’t want your shower mat to be boring, you might want to check out the next product. Unlike any other shower mat, the AquaSense Non-Slip Bath Mat comes with its own massaging feature. First of – it’s a rubber shower mat made to prevent you from slipping all thanks to the presence of non-slip surface with more than 400 suction cups constructed in it. Now, the soothing massage effect is not only for standing but also for sitting. Should you wish to meditate inside the shower room for a few minutes, you’ll have a better concentration with the AquaSense Non-Slip Bath Mat.


A shower mat is mainly used for safety to avoid any accidental slips that can lead to potential injuries or death in worst case scenarios. While the main purpose of shower mat is safety, manufacturers also add their own innovative feature like massaging therapy among other else. But if you’re looking for one, just make sure it doesn’t slip easily on water. With that said, the best shower mat is the SlipX Solutions Square Shower Mat.

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