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There’s many reasons why some people use temporary rods, rather than permanent fixtures. Accommodation rentals are one obvious reason. Some people don’t have time to install permanent rods or don’t have the budget to hire an installer. There are folk that simply don’t want holes drilled in their walls. Maybe a temporary rod is useful until you’re ready to install that sliding shower door you’ve always wanted. These rods are also used by people to hang clothes from in closets or as a simple closet substitute between two walls. Room divider curtains, entry curtains and window curtains are other uses.

InterDesign Forma Constant Tension Curtain Rod for Bathroom

InterDesign Forma - Constant Tension Curtain Rod for Bathroom - Brushed Stainless Steel - Medium: 43 - 75 inches

This strong quality stainless steel curtain rod, resists rust and is easy to install without tools, and without making permanent changes to your bathroom. It comes in four different sizes you just pull out to extend, then using InterDesign’s unique tension technology, the ends of the rod press themselves against your walls, without causing damage, at a constant amount of pressure so they won’t fall down later. It won’t move around against the wall, and you won’t need periodic re-twisting to maintain tension, like with old style curtain rods.

You should read the hard to follow instructions on how to install it properly to save time and frustration, or try an online video. It’s surprisingly strong enough to hold a fair bit of weight without falling. Can be used as a coat hanger rod. Someone had slippage until they installed it slightly longer than the recommended 1 inch of tension.

ZPC Zenith Products Corporation Share Zenna Home 35633SSP

The makers of this “painted” rod like to boast that it’s rust proof because it’s aluminum. Rust is iron ore corrosion. Other metals like copper and even aluminum have their own corrosion, but the term “rust” is only for iron ore corrosion. Aluminum is much weaker than steel.

This rod extends between 50 and 72 inches. The curve gives more shower side space, as much as 6.5 inches. It’s easy to install, but the instructions are hard. Tools are included, and it makes no permanent bathroom changes. It holds by tension with plastic tightening that broke for a customer. An installation screw can snag curtain hooks. Some buyers said they had screw hole problems. One said the plastic cover for the middle joint, didn’t fit for both rods he bought, so curtain hooks snagged. Another said that part broke on his. There were several claims of curtain hook snaggings.

RoomDividersNow Premium Tension Curtain Rod

There are four extendable sized rods to choose from, and the longest of these exceed the competitor curtain rods reviewed here, with lengths like 120 and 150 inches. These rods are made of beautiful, strong hardened quality annealed stainless steel. They’re fast and simple to install with instructions and a video on their website. Tools are included, and no drilling is required.

The rods are designed for easy removal for changing curtains and portability. They have non-slipping clear rubber ends, and spring tension for the rods. The maker claims that these are heavy duty rods, by industrial engineers. They’re 1 inch wide, unlike common 3/4 inch spring tension rods, so the spring has more tension. The ends of the rods have more non-slip surface area for a stronger holding shower curtain rod. They have awesome customer support. Some people had slipping problems with rods from the longest sized ranges.

What to Look For

If you need a long rod, make sure it won’t sag in the middle if that bothers you. You should try to avoid rust by choosing the best quality stainless steel, and using a good shower water filter if you have corrosive elements in your water like sodium chloride, magnesium chloride or calcium chloride. Spring tension rods with good non-slipping ends, are the modern trend for non-fixture shower curtain rails. They don’t need periodic tension maintenance like old rods of old designs.


With the top curtain rod costing half and almost a third the cost of the other two, with reliable strong grip, and quality stainless steel, it’s not difficult to see why it’s the best shower rod here. It’s true that aluminum doesn’t corrode like steel a.k.a. “rust,” but aluminum does corrode in a different way and it’s not strong. Most of the top rods were stainless steel.

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