Best Shoe Stretcher Sprays

So what is a shoe stretcher spray? Is it even possible to stretch a shoe just by using a special kind of solution? Well, it seems that it can with the use of the special solution from a shoe stretcher spray. What it does is when you spray your shoes with the solution, it soaks into the material of the shoes and allows it to expand. The good thing about good-quality shoe stretcher spray is it doesn’t damage the condition of the shoe. This is best used for shoes made of wet leather as swell as shoes made of some type of strong fabric. These type of shoes stretch easily compared to shoes made of dry materials. It’s even more effective if you use a stretcher when you use the shoe stretcher spray.

You place your shoe inside the stretcher form and then spray the shoe stretcher spray all over it. Since your shoe is molded into the stretcher form, when the solution dries it’ll retain the shape and stretched form so you’ll have a stretched shoe that’ll fit your feet. This can’t be done with a regular spray with water as a solution or some mediocre shoe stretcher spray. What you need to use is an effective shoe stretcher spray. With this, you don’t have to worry about smaller shoes that you mistakenly purchased thinking it’ll fit you. You can use a shoe stretcher spray to make it fit your feet perfectly. This list will help you choose the best one for you.

Kiwi SELECT Universal Shoe Stretch

Kiwi SELECT Universal Shoe Stretch (1) 7oz.

So far, this is the most popular shoe stretcher spray that we found in the market. The brand KIWI is a well-known brand when it comes to maintaining the condition of shoes, and this product doesn’t disappoint. This shoe stretcher spray actually has a formula that gently stretches your shoes, whether you have a leather, some suede ones, and even reptile skins, in a way that’s gentle to the material yet effective in making the desired fit happen. They made sure that the formulation of this product is great for all shoes as well as for shoes with different colors. Each can have as much as 7 ounces so you can use this for many shoes that you have.

The price of each can is very affordable and the longevity of each can will be able to last for a very long time which is a good thing. Even if you have a pair of shoes that doesn’t seem to fit you anymore, but it’s one of your favorite shoes and you’re dying to wear it, you can remedy that by applying this shoe stretcher spray on it and your shoes will magically fit you again. You might need to do some repeated applications especially for shoes with hard materials but this product helps in softening the materials and make it pliable for reshaping and stretching. A lot of people recommend this product. Feel free to check it out.

FootMatters Professional Boot & Shoe Leather Stretch 

Professional Boot & Shoe Leather Stretch - Stretch Tight Fitting Leather, & Suede Shoes or Boots - 4 oz

This is another highly rated shoe stretcher spray that we found in the market. You might be interested in checking it out if you’re weighing in some of the amazing products available in the market to date. Each can of this product contains 118 ml of stretching solution that makes it easier for you to fit into your shoes no matter how big your feet can become. You can use a professional shoe stretcher when you apply the solution to your shoes or you can apply the solution on while you walk around with your shoes on. It’ll have that nice stretch that’s comfortable to your feet in no time.

When you feel some tight spots on your new shoes, you can just spray this on and it’ll have that nice stretch that your feet needs. It’ll be able to expand the areas where there are tight spots on your shoes but you don’t have to worry since it won’t weaken the quality of your shoes. Even if you use this to the most expensive leather shoes that you have, rest assured that it’ll have an effective outcome without damaging the quality of your shoes. The spray itself is easy to use. You can evenly apply the solution to the spot where you need the stretch. Whatever shoes you might need to be stretched you can confidently apply this product on.

Meltonian Shoe Stretch-Aerosol 

Meltonian Shoe Stretch-Aerosol (1)

This is another shoe stretcher spray that we found in the market and you might want to check it out. This might not have a high rating compared to the others product on this list, but based on the reviews of people who were able to use this, it’s a pretty decent one that can give a good stretch to your shoes when you need it. It’s a lot smaller compared to the other products, but don’t be deceived by the packaging since it actually contains a lot more solution. Each can actually have 127 ml of the stretching solution so you can use this for your many shoes if you need to. You can use this without any worries to shoes that don’t fit you. You’ll be amazed by the results.

Don’t expect the solution to immediately take effect. You’ll need to guide the shoes in order for it to have that stretch that you wanted. All products actually work that way. You’ll have to spray this one the areas of your shoes that need a little bit of stretching, but you have to manipulate the area to whether by using a shoe stretcher mold or by donning your shoes and walking about. It doesn’t take a long time for the stretch to happen as long as you do it as the instructions indicated. You’ll be in shock how comfortable your shoes will be after you apply this product the right way.

Fiebing’s Shoe Stretch-It

Fiebing's Shoe Stretch-It, 4 Oz. - For Leather, Suede, or Nubuck Shoes

Now, this is another notable shoe stretched spray that we found in the market. This is a lot cheaper compared to the other products, but their prices aren’t that far out from each other. Each can contains 118 ml which are a pretty decent amount. You can use this to spray on any shoes that you need to be stretched, but this works best for suede, leather and nubuck shoes. What’s great about the formula of this product is it’s not harmful to the skin. It won’t damage your clothing either if you accidentally spray on it. But one thing you have to keep in mind is you should steer clear from spraying your face especially your eyes since it might burn a lot.

If you’re suffering from bunions but bravely endure it because you just love your new shoes, then the best remedy for that is to use a shoe stretcher spray that’s efficient in stretching your shoes the right way just like this product. You don’t have to sell your shoes or throw them inside your closet if they don’t fit when you can just stretch them in a safe way. At first, you might be skeptical whether this product actually works, but from the reviews of this product alone you’ll be convinced that this is the answer to your problems. This won’t damage the condition of your shoes and it won’t weaken the material either which is what you’d want.

Stretch Genie Stretching System 

Stretch Genie Stretching System As Seen On TV

How easy is it to fit into your problematic shoes when you can just spray and stretch? This product might not have a very high rating but from the mixed reviews of people who were able to use this, it’s a pretty decent product that can make your life, and your feet, easier. You can now customize the fit of your shoes when you need to with the help of this product. Each can contains 4 ounce of the solution which is pretty much a standard amount of shoes stretcher sprays. With this, you can have permanent relief from tight-fitting shoes since it’ll aid in having that stretch that’s comfortable for your feet.

In order to make it work a little bit faster, you need to use some type of shoe stretcher mold. When you apply the solution to your shoes without any mold or without you wearing it, it might not be as effective. Some people even apply this to their shoes and leave it for a few days on the mold. Once they put it on it’ll have a nicer fit. You can also apply this while you wear your shoes. When you walk around you’ll notice that the shoes will become more stretched and you’ll feel more comfortable wearing it. Your shoes will become snugger and have a nice fitting.


You don’t have to suffer wearing your uncomfortable shoes when you can just make them fit you perfectly with the use of the best shoe stretcher spray. You should use one that can get things done but won’t damage the condition of your shoes. With the right stretch and right product, you can wear any shoes that you have.

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