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Many individuals don’t know the importance of having a shoe bag. After all, many pairs of shoes come with boxes, to begin with, so why would you even bother with getting a shoe bag, right? Well, imagine this scenario – perhaps you’re going somewhere wherein you need to change your shoes, such as the gym.

Now, if you’re wearing a pair of slip-on, or perhaps you might even be dressed in a pair of high heels, do you believe it’s convenient for you to bring a shoe box as you head towards the gym and all the way back home? We already know the answer to that question, right?

After all, it’s tough to fit in a shoe box inside a gym bag or a backpack. However, with a shoe bag, you can fit your shoes (among other things) inside your gym bag or backpack. It is because of their comfortable design that you can hand-carry your expensive shoes to just about anywhere you might want to go.

If you’re going to a swanky dinner party right after your day at the office, then a shoe box is definitely out of the picture. However, with a quality shoe bag, you have a simpler way of carrying your shoes so that you can have the right pair for your important event. You don’t want to be seen wearing a pair of black leather shoes while you’re donning an evening gown, right?

Shoe bags are also an excellent way to store your shoes if you have to travel to a far off place. For instance, if you have to go by plane to reach your destination, a shoe box containing your favorite pair is certainly out of the question. Placing your shoes inside a shoe bag, however, is a more viable option than lugging around a large box.

If you’re looking for the best shoe bag to help your hand-carry your shoes around places, then we have some excellent options listed here, and these are already available on the market.

Misslo Nylon Travel Shoe Bags

When it comes to shoe bags, nylon is one of the most preferred materials to be used in its production. It’s because nylon can be durable, and it can help prevent moisture and wetness from seeping into your shoes (which would otherwise be the cause of your footwear getting ruined). For the Misslo Nylon Travel Shoe Bags, it is durable and secure enough that it won’t let your shoes fall out of it while it keeps the moisture and other elements out from your expensive footwear.

It has dimensions of 15 inches by 9.8 inches by 4.3 inches for its length, width, and height. It can even be made into a spare makeup bag if you so desire. With this shoe bag, you can safely put your shoes (or other items) in it without the added hassle of carrying around a shoe box. The zipper is secure enough when closed, but much can be said when you exert a wee bit too much effort when trying to open it. If you pull the zipper open and it goes all the way back, it can detach quickly, so keep that in mind. Other than this shortcoming, it’s still an excellent option to separate your footwear from the rest of your clothing whenever you travel.

FashionBoutique Nylon Shoe Bags

If you’re looking for a bag to securely hold your shoes that can match your style, then consider checking out the FashionBoutique Nylon Shoe Bags. These shoe bags from this brand come in a variety of colors and styles to help match your style preferences. Unlike the zipper enclosure that some shoe bags have, this particular unit uses a drawstring mechanism to secure your footwear safely. It also makes use of nylon to keep water out from your expensive shoes efficiently, and it’s also durable enough that it’ll last for a good long while.

It has dimensions of 15 inches and 12 inches for its length and width, and it comes in an assortment of colors, namely Orange, Black, Wine Red, and Dark Blue. It’s an excellent choice for travel, and if you’re tired of using or seeing shoe bags with the standard black motif. Even though you don’t travel as much, it’s still a great container to keep dust (and other things) away from your footwear while they’re inside your closet.

Aside from footwear, you can even use these bags to hold certain types of clothing, if you fold them neatly enough.

Tuff Guy Travel Shoe Bags

Ordinary nylon material might provide a decent level of durability for your shoes, but the Tuff Guy Travel Shoe Bags is made out of a water-resistant and sturdy ballistic nylon. With this type of material protecting your footwear, water won’t seep into the fabric while it keeps your shoes nice and dry. It also means the bag is durable enough to withstand the everyday wear and tear. You can use this bag for years, and it’ll still serve you quite well.

Tuff Guy’s Travel Shoe Bags are also large enough to fit in shoes worn by individuals with large-sized feet. Its measurements of 16 by 12 inches for its length and width can even hold clothing, makeup, or even a water bottle for when you need a container to keep it in while you’re out jogging around town. To give you an inkling about the size of the compartment, it can fit footwear of up to size 14. There’s even an identifier that’s sewn into the fabric so that you won’t have a tough time rummaging to look for your shoes inside suitcases, closets, or luggage.

The material used in the production of these shoe bags are luxurious to the senses. Once you feel and glance at it, you’ll know you’re going to get a quality and small container for your footwear.

YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags

Shoe bags are indeed ideal for traveling, and the YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags is no exception to that rule. It even promotes a decent design, albeit it still offers the standard black colored finish. Aside from using it on your travels, these particular shoe bags are also excellent for keeping your footwear clean and pristine while they’re inside your closet. It can even protect your shoes from “accidents” that might be caused by your pet pooch.

These shoe bags, like many other quality variants on the market, are also made of a durable nylon material to keep water and other liquids (like your dog’s pee) from seeping into your footwear. It even has a unique custom-made zipper that will zip up and down in a smooth fashion but can still keep your shoes nice, clean, and dry on the inside without worry of slipping out. The containers are also suitably large, and it’s an ideal fit for both men’s and ladies’ shoes.

If there’s one caveat for this particular model, it’s that it uses a material that’s not the “smoothest” on the market. Hence, it does get a bit “crinkly” and stiff, but it doesn’t get in the way of excellent performance.

EN’DA Traveling Non-Woven Shoe Bags

The EN’DA Traveling Non-Woven Shoe Bags have dimensions of 12 by 15 inch, which means it can fit in suitably large footwear without much of a problem. Like many other high-quality shoe bags on the market, these models can help keep moisture and wetness outside while maintaining your footwear clean and dry on the inside. It’s also large enough that you can use it for other purposes. For instance, you can use it to keep your makeup, toiletries, or even medicine for when you’re traveling. Its design is simple enough as it won’t draw attention to it, but this might be a hit or miss for some individuals. You might be an individual who wants people to notice their footwear and the bags that go along with it.

It’s very easy to fit in large-sized men’s and women’s shoes in these bags. When you search for images of these units on the Internet, you might assume that they’re a bit too small for comfort. However, getting them and taking a look at them personally, and you’ll know it won’t have any problems containing your large-sized footwear.

Perhaps one of the most excellent characteristics of this particular type of shoe bag is it’s not as expensive as others. It promotes a “bang for your buck” feature in which many are looking for when they’re looking for quality yet inexpensive items on the market.


If you want a better way to carry your shoes around from place-to-place, then consider getting yourself a shoe bag instead of putting your shoes inside clunky and large shoe boxes all the time. Many shoe bag models on the market are made of a durable material that can last a good long while. Some of these units might even have water resistant properties to keep your shoes nice and dry while they’re inside.

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