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Some shine sprays are just that, full of shine and nothing else. Now that some manufacturers have already perfected shine to a lasting radiant glow, what more can be done to improve on shine? Hence there’s much temptation to have extra competitive features. Some of these include holding your hair firm all day, sun protection, softness, and heat protection for certain heat treatments like curling and straightening by hot hair irons. Not all of these are appreciated by all. So if you don’t want a cheap and simple shine only spray, be careful what you get with your shine.

Paul Mitchell Firm Style Freeze and Shine Super Spray

Paul Mitchell Firm Style Freeze and Shine Super Spray, 16.89 Ounce

This shine spray can hold your hair medium firm all day, without the feeling of icky gunk in your hair. It even holds up against strong winds, and also has some sun protection against damage. After styling your hair in the morning, you can lock it into place with this shine spray for that all day shiny stiff hair look.

Someone said that it’s difficult to hold down the spray button if you don’t have strong fingers. That’s unusual because you wouldn’t expect many guys to use a shine spray. A lot of buyers love the scent. There’s a loyal fan base that includes people who said they’ve been using this old school spray for like 15 and even 20 years. It’s not organic spray. A number of shoppers said they suspected their purchase had been watered down, compared with previous experiences they claim they had with the same product.

Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray

Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine 3.4 Once / 100 Millilter

A shine spray designed to shine more by attracting and reflecting light. It maximizes shine to the point of a glimmering gloss, without leaving hair oily. It seems to be aimed at health conscious ladies, packaged in an air pump bottle without chemical aerosols. It is free of phosphate, sulfate and paraben. It strengthens and protects hair from damage caused by salty water, chlorinated water and from the elements like sun and pollution, thanks to its’ vitamins, antioxidants and argan oil.

Not only does it protect color, but it can potentially improve your colors and streaks. You only need a few spritz of this for glowing shine, if you overdo it you’ll be oozing with oily hair. Shine and heat protection vary depending on hair type, some people with fine hair reported lesser impact. It can make fine hair feel soft, and a lot of women really love the scent.

Tigi Bed Head Masterpiece Massive Shine Spray

Tigi Bed Head Masterpiece Massive Shine Hairspray - 9.5 Oz (2 PACK)

These two pack, aerosol sprays don’t just shine, they give you massive shine, like a masterpiece, well at least that’s what’s implied by the name. This one has the added feature of strong styling hold for all types of hair, without “weighing down.” It’s lightweight, and can soften hair.

There’s been contradicting claims by customers regarding product stickiness. It might depend on how much is used, humidity or maybe hair type. The spray has some humidity resistance, but too much humidity could overwhelm it and cause hair to feel like sticky gunk. The scent is well appreciated by many buyers. One shopper claimed this shine and hold spray was being used often by her husband. A few had problems with spray blockage, some so badly that nothing came out. Usually they could unclog them. Rinsing under a running tap after use, is reportedly an effective way to prevent spray blockage.

What to Look For

You should be careful of having extra unwanted features, because the top three are not just for spray and shine, but various other perks. Some traits can be appreciated by practically anyone like sun protection or softness, but other characteristics like styling hold, can be undesirable for some people.


Shine alone was not enough for the top three. It seems having some side perks helped boost their rankings. With all the competition it’s no surprise manufacturers would be tempted to get ahead with some extra features, because once you have shiny all day gloss, what more can be improved, besides adding extras like softness, sun and heat protection etc. People really expect hair products to have nice scents, and the top three were no disappointment. It’s unusual that for both of the aerosol products, there were assumptions by some annoyed buyers that the products had changed through increased dilution.

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