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Have you noticed that your kitchen knife has lost its overall sharpness? In that case, it needs to be sharpened to get the best out of it and make slicing easier again especially if you’re using it for thick slabs of meat. For you to sharpen to shape your knife, you need a Sharpening Stone. Sharpening Stones come in different forms such as synthetics types, ceramic types, natural stones, and even of diamond stones or plates. It’s a bit hard to tackle every single one of them so that’s why we round up the best Sharpening Stone on the market.

KING Japanese Sharpening Stone Whetstone

KING Japanese Sharpening Stone Whetstone Combination Grit, 1000/6000

For the best sharpening stone, it’s about betting best quality out there which makes it a good use for almost a lifetime. Coming off as the number one sharpening stone, the KING Japanese Sharpening Stone Whetstone makes sure you’re going to get the best quality for your hard earned money. The KING Japanese Sharpening Stone Whetstone features a 1000/6000 combination grit for your sharpening needs. The package already includes a sturdy plastic base with the main sharpening stone sizing up at 8″ x 2 1/2″ x 1″ thick.

Mighty Dreams Knife Sharpening Stone

If you like to mix classic and modern style, the next product might be the one you’re looking for. Coming off as the second best sharpening stone, the Mighty Dreams Knife Sharpening Stone is well received by the public thanks to its durable design and excellent sharpening performance. The Mighty Dreams Knife Sharpening Stone is complete with double sided 1000/6000 grit together with the bamboo base, knife sharpening angle guide, and a manual to grasp the dos and don’ts of knife sharpening. Whether your knife is for kitchen use or recreational, the Mighty Dreams Knife Sharpening Stone can sharpen it.

Winco Fine Grain Knife Sharpening Stone

If you’re a beginner, the next product will suit your needs thanks to its simplistic and straightforward design. Coming off as the third best sharpening stone, the Winco Fine Grain Knife Sharpening Stone is the perfect fit for those who don’t know a thing or two when it comes to sharpening stones. The Winco Fine Grain Knife Sharpening Stone is a medium-sized sharpening stone with a dimension of 12 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches while weighing 3-pounds. Constructed from a high grade carbonized silicon, it comes with fine to medium grain surface for sharpening stainless steel and carbon steel alike apart from other else.

What to Look For

When it comes to looking and buying for a sharpening stone, it’s not about the one that comes from a known brand. Even though you bought the most expensive and most popular sharpening stone, the quality might be there but the performance isn’t. That’s because the sharpening stone that you just bought doesn’t match to your what your knife needs. There are factors to consider such as grit which determines the level of sharpness that also puts into consideration the surface of each.

For simple kitchen knives, you can use grit ranging between 400 and 1000. While going higher like 3000 and above is for knife enthusiast that looks to take their knifing levels out in the wild. In terms of types of sharpening stone, your best bet is synthetic stone as they require the least maintenance. When you’re advanced enough with a sharpening stone, you can use a ceramic type of natural type for your pleasure. Last but not the least, keep those sharpening stones flat when sharpening.


To be able to give life out of your old knife, you need a sharpening stone. With that said, the best sharpening stone is the KING Japanese Sharpening Stone Whetstone.

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