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If your profession requires you to regularly strip screw heads, then you might not want to use an ordinary screwdriver. Using the traditional screwdriver to remove screw heads can take an immense amount of time and effort, not to mention if the screw is tightly placed inside the piece you’re working with at the moment. A screw extractor is a device that you should definitely consider at this time. With such a device, you can remove screws in a jiffy. What’s more is that you don’t have to deal with the extra sweat and effort when you have such a device.

Damaged Screw Extractor and Remove Set by Aisxle

The Damaged Screw Extractor and Remove Set by Aisxle brings high-quality precision and speed when removing damaged screws from different surfaces. Each screw extractor in the package is easy-to-use, and you can remove screws in as little as two easy steps. The extractors will even work with any drill, and with any bolt or screw size for maximum versatility and flexibility.

Damaged Screw Remover and Extractor Set by Hitecera

Remove damaged screws quickly and cleanly with the help of the Damaged Screw Remover and Extractor Set by Hitecera. It’s an ideal toolset for removing stripped, stuck, broken, or damaged screws. Each extractor in the toolbox has a hardened-steel construction, and they’re all tempered twice to bring double the durability as compared to standard units on the market.

IRWIN HANSON Spiral Extractor and Drill Bit Set

Say goodbye to buying different extractors at the same time when you have the IRWIN HANSON Spiral Extractor and Drill Bit Set. This package comes with different spiral flute screw extractor sizes, and they all come inside a durable metal index case.

What to Look For?

When browsing around the market for reliable screw extractors, you might come across different variants. However, perhaps the most important aspect of all the screw extractors on the market is its compatibility with screw heads. Some extractors are only compatible with flat screws, whereas some will only work with star-head screws. On the other hand, there are some models that are more versatile and flexible than others, so it would be to your best interest to search for these variants.

However, do note that screw extractors that can work with flat heads and star-head screws are the more expensive models on the market as compared to units that only work with specific screw types. Still, it does beat buying two screw extractors as the option might even become more expensive as opposed to just buying one versatile tool.

Don’t just look at a screw extractor’s compatibility with particular screw heads as you should also take a look if the device can work with different screw sizes. For example, search for a device that can work with screws from No. 4 all the way up to the No. 24 screw type.

Lastly, you might want to consider a screw extractor that can also work with drill heads. In doing so, you don’t have to purchase a separate device to drill holes in the material you’re currently working with. In doing so, it can save you the extra cash that you can spend on other essential DIY and repair tools.


Screw extractors are an innovation that can save you an immense amount of time and effort for your DIY and repair projects around the house. Furthermore, if you have a profession that requires you to deal with extracting multiple screws in a single day, then you should definitely consider getting such a device to avoid twisting your arm around all day with a traditional screwdriver.

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