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Is it that time of the year again? Bells are ringing, hearts are singing. Oh, the Christmas season is upon us and the green and red colors are everywhere again together with bright blinking lights and tall Christmas trees complete with the snowy ambiance of the cold season. No doubt, it’s that time of the year again. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Ahem. Anyways, before Christmas season hits, you might want to prepare first the things that you’ll need to fully embrace the season of giving and thanking. With another year almost coming to an end, it’s high time you close it with style.

For kids (and adults), when you say Christmas, only one character comes to mind. Nope, no the Grinch. No one else but Mr. Santa Claus. It’s never really Christmas when you don’t have a single Santa Claus displayed inside or outside your home. Santa Claus reminds the children that they’re going to receive a present that they’ve wanted for the whole year while this reminds the parents to start saving to secretly put the gift under the Christmas tree in the middle of the night. But why do that when you can be Santa Claus himself?

Yes, all you need is his white and red Christmas suit along with the long white beard and you’re good to go in giving happiness and gifts to all the children in your neighborhood. It’ll make the Christmas season for your family especially the children unforgettable and memorable as they meet in person their one hero of some sort before the year ends. That said, you need to decide first the most important thing in a Santa suit – the Santa hat. Apart from being comfortable and warm during the cold season, Santa is never Santa without his signature hat. Clad in red with a white cotton-like texture up top – the best Santa hats that you can find is finally here.

Nala Official Plush Santa Claus Hat

Plush Baby Santa Hat w/ Comfort Liner Christmas Infant Newborn Photography Prop

The best Santa hat that you can get right now boasts only one of one when it comes to the design. Nothing beats the original style of Santa hat with nothing but soft cotton from the top to bottom. Featuring the Nala Official Plush Santa Claus Hat, you’ll be sure to enjoy the best Santa hat out there that’ll make you look like legit Santa Claus. Compared to the usual Santa hats that you’ll see in toy stores, the Nala Official Plush Santa Claus Hat is manufactured with comfort and quality in mind, allowing you to use the Nala Official Plush Santa Claus Hat in the longest possible time.

But before we go to the quality, Nala – the company that made the Official Plush Santa Claus Hat is offering a satisfaction guarantee that’ll allow you to talk to them when you’re not 100 percent satisfied with your Nala Official Plush Santa Claus Hat. Going back to the Santa hat itself, the Nala Official Plush Santa Claus Hat is not only for adults and kids, it can also be worn babies – that’s because it’s available in different sizes, depending on the circumference measurement of your head. The Nala Official Plush Santa Claus Hat boasts of super soft plush and fluffy faux fur that will make you feel warm on the coldest nights of the Christmas season.

Rubie’s Costume Deluxe Adult Santa Hat

Rubie's Costume Deluxe Adult Santa Hat, Red/White, One Size

When you think of Santa hat, you might also think that it’s only for men. Well, you’re totally wrong. A woman can also wear a Santa hat, and if that person wishes to look hot or attractive, at the very least, there’s a dedicated Santa hat for you. Presenting the Rubie’s Costume Deluxe Adult Santa Hat, donning a Santa hat is not only for entertainment but also for style. The Rubie’s Costume Deluxe Adult Santa Hat has the same staple of Santa hats with red and white plush cotton but with a much appeal to the fur for a more comfy fit and attracting look. Should you wish to get one for your man, an elf hat with ears is also available as an alternative to the Rubie’s Costume Deluxe Adult Santa Hat.

The Rubie’s Costume Deluxe Adult Santa Hat comes in one size but fits most heads. It’s entirely made of polyester which means it can be hand washed to keep it clean for the following days to use. For the total measure, the Rubie’s Costume Deluxe Adult Santa Hat is 8-inches high and 12-inches wide. Better start measuring your head. The Rubie’s Costume Deluxe Adult Santa Hat sports a plush red hat which provides a silky-soft feeling to the touch together with the white faux fur trim, thicker than the usual Santa hats.

Beistle Velvet Santa Hat

Beistle 20731 Velvet Santa Hat with Plush Trim, One Size Fits Most, (Red/White)

If you think the Rubie’s Costume Deluxe Adult Santa Hat is the only available hat that can be worn by women, men can also wear them also with almost the same material and look but without making you look like a woman. Introducing the Beistle Velvet Santa Hat, it’s basically men Santa hat but it works pretty well too with a woman. The Beistle Velvet Santa Hat only comes in one size – a 22-inches head opening which would fit almost any head size. For the Beistle Velvet Santa Hat, what it offers is great bright look and comfort during the coldest days.

The Beistle Velvet Santa Hat is made in the USA and is directly imported while coming in 1 per package. From the name itself, the red hat is covered in velvet material which makes it extremely soft and slippery to the touch while providing extreme warmth to the head. The top sports a plush white trim along with the white faux fur rimmed around the head opening which also provides great warmth.

Dear Santa Christmas Hat

Even though it’s the Christmas season where friends, family, and relatives gather for the occasion of giving, thanking, and celebrating the birth of the Jesus Christ, some people just can’t stop being funny, and when we say funny we mean being naughty and dirty during the said season. If your partner is up to it, you can get the Dear Santa Christmas Hat with hand stitched naughty or nice markings just around its faux hair fur. You can be either the naughty or the nice one, depending on what you’re planning to role play once you and your partner are left alone in a room.

But just in case you want to go on a double date, you can also get the Dear Santa Christmas Hat in four pieces – two naughty and two nice inscribed Santa hats. The Dear Santa Christmas Hat is mainly made of woolen or wool material which provides comfort and warmth above anything else, meaning, you won’t have any problem having an outer brain freeze during the winter season. Furthermore, the Dear Santa Christmas Hat is also made of felt for added durability. Both of which are measured at 18-inches height x 8-inches opening. But of course, it won’t be completed without the white plus trim located at the tip of the Dear Santa Christmas Hat.

Sequin-Sheen Santa Hat

Beistle 20730 Sequin-Sheen Santa Hat, Red/White

Who says Santa hats can’t change how it looks? No one. Even Santa hats aren’t safe from the constant change of things around us. If feelings can change, so does a hat. Unlike any other Santa hats that we’ve discussed and researched, the Beistle 20730 Sequin-Sheen Santa Hat is one of a kind of its own. It maybe not one in a million kind of uniqueness but it’s unique enough to let it stand among the hundreds of Santa hats. The Beistle 20730 Sequin-Sheen Santa Hat basically reflects colors and lights with its unusual fabric material.

Instead of the wool or velvet fabric, the Beistle 20730 Sequin-Sheen Santa Hat, from the name itself, makes use instead of the red sequined fabric that reflects light when hit upon, thus creating strobing lights as if you’re inside a dance club. However, its overall construction still maintains the Christmas Santa hat experience, except in a more fashionable way. The Beistle 20730 Sequin-Sheen Santa Hat comes in one package and the size fits most heads with its 18-inches height and 22-inches inside circumference. At the top, you’ll find the plush white trim while just around the head opening will be the white faux hair fur that keeps well, the head, warm.


The common norm is that when there’s a Santa hat, it’ll only fit and will look appropriate to kids. However, that’s just a common misconception when it comes to Santa hats. It’s appropriate to be worn by pretty much of any age regardless of the design and looks. That said, the best Santa hat listed above can and will cater to the all from babies up to old age. All you have to do it to pick the right one for you that provides comfortability above anything else since winter or Christmas season is pretty dang cold.

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