Best Safety Wire Pliers

Locking wires are tools or equipment that helps to install fasteners from getting loose and falling out. I am also sure that lots of us already know the purpose of safety wires But this is not what our topic is about.

We also have safety wire pliers which is a very simple Tool that is used To grip both Loose Ends of a piece Of a safety wire. Actually, others even call safety wire pliers as safety wire twisters Because they are technically the same.

For whatever reason the safety wire is needed having a safety wire pliers is also much more like an need. Somehow I see Steve where fire is also part of safety wires and fasteners . With this, we made a list of the best safety wire pliers that you can get so that you can easily pick one and start using it whenever you need to

BikeMaster Safety Wire Pliers 340488R

The first thing that I have noticed with this item is the 25 ft stainless wire that comes with it. However the pliers itself comes in with a size of 10 inches by 6 inches by 1 inch and it only weighs 4.8 ounces.

Of course, despite of that, this item has got a lot of features with it. First it has a tempered wire that easily secures fastening. The color comes in red which is very attractive making it look like an apple candy. Still there is a reason why it has to be colored like this because this is an actual anti-rust finish or coating.
The spring is also heavy duty because it is durable and the retainer is covered in Chrome. The clamping has a strong force so that it can be set up one time without the wire slipping. The helix also quickly twist an the ball bearing puller is easy to operate. This one is an impressive lock wire pliers for the right cost.


This pliers is constructed to have a spring return and lock jaw. Included in this item is a set of two pliers. The first one measure 6 inches long and the other is 9 inches long so that you can easily pick which one is more useful at the moment depending on its size and length. It is specifically made for air crafts an industrial applications but also can be used for racing.

Weighing 1.3 lb only it is a very hand tool that you can bring with you.¬†For anyone who works professionally on aircraft industry, I’m sure that they would agree how important the safety wire pliers are. Maybe this item is the right one for you.

OTC 4795 Safety Wire Twist Pliers

This safety wire pliers will conveniently and quickly do the job for you. It is a very versatile tool that features are right hand mechanism in twisting with a spring return purposely made to be automatic. It’s material is a forge deal constructed iron which is very reliable and sturdy. It measures 8 inches in it can be widely used 4 wire rings found on machines vehicles and also aircraft.

Generic Safety Wire Twister Pliers

6" Safety Wire Twister Pliers

Measuring 2 inches by 1 inch by 9 inches and weighing 9.1 Oz this pliers is very portable. It is primarily used for aircraft and surely it is very efficient. Despite how it looks or how it seems I honestly think that this item will exceed your expectations. It holds up very well and comes in great quality.

MSR HP Twisting Pliers 7 SAFETY PLIER

This plier works great and seems to be of good construction design. The Twist handle is something that you have to manually return so that it would ratchet. This item is something idea and something that I would absolutely recommend for occasional users of pliers.

With the price that it comes, it is something that works just fine so I guess I can say that with this item you are making a good deal. I think this is the best item for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money and is on the budget.

What To Look For

To be honest with you I don’t know much about safety pliers but of course, it’s always good to start learning and using it because it would be a burden if we simply start learning something when we need it already the most.

When it comes to looking for the best safety wire twisting pliers there are quite a few things that we have to remember. It is important that we check the material that it’s made of. You see there are lots of types of metals or steel that is available today and sometimes people would assume that as long as it is made of steel or any metal it would already be good enough. I have to tell you though that sometimes it depends especially on what you would need it for.
Examples of the most common and popular types of metals are high carbon steel we also have aluminum which is quite good and they are actually very sturdy. But you see aside from that a plier can also be finished with a substance or coated with a substance. For example an item can be covered with enamel. And I would absolutely say that an item with a coating or a finish is better than the ones that are not.
There are also a lot of specification that can be featured in every item. For example the jaw of a plier can we shape or form differently according to how it was designed for a specific purpose. This in itself is something that you have to look for depending on what do you think is the best for your purpose of using it. Some of the jaws of other pliers or even this sign so that it doesn’t damage your wire.
The next thing that we have to look for in an item is the cost or the price. As for myself I usually assume the efficiency of an item depending on its price. I know that it’s not always true but it could be a good indication too. You see the reason why an item can be more expensive than the other is because of the materials that has been used or how it has been designed. Maybe it’s been through a lot of process in order to create the item that it is right now. However I would still understand if you’re trying to save and remain on the budget. This is something that I do too. What’s important is that you have to weigh which one would you prioritize. If the budget or the price of an item is something that doesn’t bother you that much then it’s okay to get yourself a costly one. Otherwise it would still be ideal as long as it also needs your standard according to your needs.
Also I think I would consider how it has been designed. You see when working on twisting wires locking Fasteners using pliers for a long time this is actually strain your hand or your arms not just because of the job that you’re trying to do but it could also be because of the device or the tool that you’re using. But then if an item was or has been well designed so that it is comfortable to grip and touch even for long periods of minutes or even hours I guess having a strain with your hand or arm wouldn’t be a problem if you choose the right device.
Lastly I think I would also considered inclusions. I have been able to purchase a few items that had a lot of inclusions with them. For me this is a plus laws and indeed a good benefit because it’s an extra item that you can actually use. For example some items here may not just come with the plier but the even include a bit of length of wires. If you’re quite interested that then I would definitely have no problem as long as it’s something that you can make use of. The way I see it when you purchase something that has got an extra item as an inclusion it’s all but just a benefit.


All together when purchasing something like a device for a tool you can never really define what should be and what should not be bought. We all have different purposes and uses for it.
Safety wire pliers of course are not just used for one thing or another. That’s why I guess it would be ideal for you to buy something a bit more versatile. When I say versatile I mean something that can be used multiple times not just with a single type of wire not just for cutting or twisting but almost anything that maybe you can get your hands on.
Some of us might be real Craftsman and even Professionals in making use of this tool While others might just be quite the opposite that’s why it’s a bit possible for beginners light cause to make mistakes and getting the right safety wire plier. Hopefully though this article has to help you just like how it did help me. We simply have to remember the things that we have to look for in getting a safety wire plier.
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