Best Saddlebags

Planning on exploring the city with your bike? What if you’re going on an out-of-town trip using only your motorcycle to visit an old friend? Whatever your transportation mode is, see to it that you have all your important belongings with you, through our best saddlebags.

BV USA Saddlebag

Need to pack more of your belongings because of a longer journey? Bring BV USA Strap-On Bike Saddlebag and you have nothing to worry.

This saddlebag has an impressively expandable quality that lets you store a greater number of your personal items unlike others of its similar kind. Moreover, its strap-on feature perfectly keeps it in place, regardless of your bike’s various movements.

This product also has a taillight-compatible hanger for precautionary measures on the road. Take your pick from Small (non-expandable), Medium, and Large sizes.

Topeak Saddlebag

Dreading the idea that your stuff might be drenched, while on the road during rainy season? With Topeak Aero Wedge Pack With Strap Mount, such a problem’s only a thing of the past.

This saddle bag has weather-resistant zippers that give a valuable protection to your belongings against the wind and rain. Imagine, it keeps your stuff safe and free from moist at the same time. It also provides an evenly distributed load appearance, too.

This 6.4-ounce product has a reflective strip to improve your visibility to passers-by. It comes in three different sizes; Medium, Large, and Micro.

Stansport Saddlebag

Looking for a saddlebag that’s not susceptible to the usual wear and tear? Trust Stansport Saddlebag to give you the exact kind of benefit.

This saddlebag features a vinyl-backing-infused duck cotton to give it that extra layer of protection, against daily impact and damage. And because it has two, double-strapped, covered pockets, you’ll feel relieved that your stuff remains where they are.

This product measures 17 inches long, 13 inches wide, and 1 inch thick. Furthermore, it has a 1, 056-inch storage space to make room for more of your go-to stuff.

What to Look For

Packing all of your important items before hitting the road is a healthy habit to be ready for any type of emergency. To do this, make sure that you choose the right saddlebag according to the given pointers.

  • Capacity – Capacity is a very vital component of any saddlebag because it says a lot about its size, if it can accommodate a considerable amount of your items or not. If you’re doubtful about your chosen saddlebag’s item capacity because of its appearance, ask the seller if it’s expandable.
  • Weather Resistant – Since you’ll be putting your saddlebag on your bike or motorcycle, get a saddlebag that has a weather-resistant feature. Remember, you’ll be traveling to various places and there are instances wherein Mother Nature becomes unpredictable. Doing so, helps you keep your stuff safe.
  • Durable – Traveling exposes your saddlebag to different forces such as tilting, bumping, shaking, or rattling. So, pick something that’s made from durable materials which will make it strong against many forms of damage. Take note, a long lifespan means a long period of usefulness.


Purchasing a saddlebag with regard to its capacity, weather-resistant, and durable qualities, helps you protect and preserve your important belongings’ credibility.


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