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Summer is fast approaching, and before you know it the winter season is upon us. The cold season brings about unique sets of challenges, especially to the avid runner or jogger. Making your daily rounds around the local park to get some much-needed exercise is important, but the cold weather might be stopping you from having an efficient workout session. If you want to complete your running or jogging gear in preparation for the frigid season, then you might want to wear running gloves as part of your daily exercise routine.

Vbiger Winter Gloves

Even though its name is Vbiger Winter Gloves, it’s a pair of running gloves that have a high-quality Lycra construction to maintain high elasticity and breathability. Both units in the set are comfortable as they are soft. There are also smart anti-skid and shock-absorbing glue found on the palms, just in case you might want to hold onto something without having to worry if the item will slip off of your hands when you’re still wearing these gloves.

Compression Sport Running Gloves

The Compression Sport Running Gloves has a lightweight 4-way stretch fabric construction, and they offer a perfect fit for the right-hand size. As such, it’s important to know the size of your hands first before purchasing to avoid regrets once the transaction is over and you already received the item. The thumb portion of these running gloves have a super fine fleece construction, and there are three sizes available on the market for both male and female users.

TrailHeads Women’s Power Stretch Running Gloves

The TrailHeads Women’s Power Stretch Running Gloves has a 4-way stretch Polartec Power Stretch construction, and it is smooth, durable, and comfortable when worn. It also has silicone palm grips with a snowflake pattern to match the freezing weather.

What to Look For?

Don’t go looking into the market thinking that each pair of running gloves out there is the same. There are gloves fit for cool, cold, coldest, and dark days. If the weather is nice and cold but you still want your hands to be protected against sudden biting winds, then look for gloves that are thick enough to act as a secondary layer of skin but won’t trap too much heat. Because running gloves fit for cool days are not relatively thin, you don’t have to sacrifice dexterity just to include added protection.

For colder than cool days, you need more than a second layer of skin to help your hands keep warm in the near-freezing weather. Look for running gloves with more insulation than the standard model. However, because you’re not diving into the territory of the weather becoming more-and-more difficult as the days go by, you’re going to have to sacrifice a bit of dexterity in your hands. Some running gloves fit for cold weather are even considered as mitts.

If you still want to get some exercise done by running or jogging around town when weather conditions are frigid, then it’s a must for you to pick up a pair of running gloves for the coldest of days. These gloves are thicker than all other types of running gloves, and they’re also built to last. They protect the hands from the freezing temperatures as they trap a lot of heat within the confines of its fabric.

Lastly, there are running gloves for when you want to go jogging or running at night. These gloves have a reflective material coated around the different areas of the fabric. The material will then shine if it gets hit by a light source, which is useful to let drivers know you want to keep fit even at night.


Choose a pair of running gloves that will suit your specific needs. Also, select the right running gloves depending on the current weather conditions.

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