Best Rock Climbing Harnesses

If you’re planning to scale a mountain or just a wall in your local sports activity center, then you need a reliable rock climbing harness to support your excursion. The harness will secure you to your climbing partner, another piece of rope, or perhaps with another type of anchor. In doing so, it will help you prevent from falling to your doom (or perhaps just towards a safe cushion on the floor if you’re doing this in the sports activity center mentioned above). Nonetheless, if you’re an avid fan of scaling walls or mountains, then never attempt a route without putting on a proper harness.

Now that’s been cleared, know that there are multiple types of rock climbing harnesses available for purchase. It’s not the type of product wherein you’ve seen one, and you’ve seen them all. For instance, there’s the sit harness that is made up of two leg loops and a waist belt. This model is usually connected to the front of the hips with the use of a carabiner or a belay loop. These are the types of harnesses that are commonly used for recreational climbing such as rock climbing or abseiling. With it supporting your weight, you can safely scale walls while still having a broad range of movement.

Another excellent example of a rock climbing harness is the chest harness. For this type, it is worn around your shoulders instead of wrapping it in front of your hips. When used with a sit harness, the chest harness will provide an extra attachment point which is situated in a higher location up on your body. It can be extremely helpful as it allows you to maintain a better sense of balance, especially when you’re scaling the side of a mountain while carrying a heavy backpack. The chest harness is also very useful if something were to happen to you and you can’t keep an upright position while climbing walls.

Then there’ the full body rock climbing harness, which is typically used in certain rescue situations or when it is required for industrial work. It is a combination of both the sit and chest harnesses. With the full body model, it allows you to have an even more extensive range of movement as compared to the two variants mentioned above.

Now that we know about the different models of rock climbing harnesses, it’s time to move on with looking at particular models on the market. Read more of the article to know which variants can be a good purchase for you.

Black Diamond Momentum Harness

The Black Diamond Momentum Harness makes use of a bullhorn shape waistbelt to strap you in securely, and it has a dual-core construction for added stability. It also contains a pre-threaded Speed Adjust waistbelt buckle, so adjusting it will not take too much of your time or effort. It also has an adjustable rear elastic riser, as well as a patented trakFIT adjustment to allow for quicker leg loop customization. The entire harness has four pressure-molded gear loops.

So what do all these features mean? Let’s start with the dual-core construction; the manufacturer made the harness to provide optimum levels of security and comfort. It also helps provide a solid balance, which is crucial while you’re scaling mountains or walls. This design choice consists of two webbing bands that split around the waist area. It makes for great levels of support and comfort without additional pressure points.

As for the patented trakFIT technology, it is a simple yet secure innovation wherein adjusting the leg loops will only use a slide adjuster. If you want to tighten or loosen it up, all you need to do is to move this slide adjuster around. No more ropes or complicated loops to deal with.

Oumers Safe Seat Belts For Mountaineering

If you’re carrying a lot of stuff while you’re climbing walls or the side of a hill or mountain, then perhaps you might want to consider getting the Oumers Safe Seat Belts For Mountaineering. It is a harness with a maximum weight limit of 230 kilograms. Furthermore, it has one-size fits all design, so no matter what size you may have, adjusting the harness to fit you is an easy task to handle. The harness will then fit comfortably and securely.

It does have the traditional buckle design, but it is also made to bring a tight and secure fit. The harness construction will distribute the overall weight and pressure of your entire weight, along with whatever it is that you’re carrying, so you can feel comfortable as much as you can while climbing. The waist belt and leg loop are made with breathable mesh for added comfort, especially in warm climates.

There are also two DoubleBack buckles which allow its waist belt to be adjusted properly and securely with one swift and straightforward move. It is an ideal companion to have when you’re climbing or rescuing people from a fire, as well as with other notable uses.

Fusion Climb Centaur Half Body Harness

The Fusion Climb Centaur Half Body Harness is an impressive rock climbing harness because it is made from 5000 pounds of test mil spec webbing while still achieving a light weight of 3 pounds. Therefore, you can have a harness that can carry a lot of weight (besides your body weight) and still be secured around your waist.

The reason behind its name is that Centaurs were named as the embodiment of nature’s true teachers in Greek mythology. Hence, it brings users to make use of a multi-purpose harness that is both light and incredibly strong. It helps us by educating us how to do better in climbing while still being surprisingly comfortable and easy to adjust.

While on the topic of its adjustments, it makes use of a 3-point adjustment system with 2-piece adjuster buckles found on the waist and leg portions. It is an excellent harness for climbing in gyms, rope courses, or even as outdoor guides.

EDELRID – Jay II Climbing Harness

The EDELRID – Jay II Climbing Harness is made out of 3D mesh padding to give optimum levels of support and comfort. It also has a movable foam waist padding with Glider buckles to create solid balance for users, as well as additional support. It is durable as it features an abrasion protector. EDELRID is also a brand that is quite known in the climbing industry as the company has been on the market for about 150 years.

The Jay II Climbing Harness is part of the brand’s Center Fit product series, and it promotes minimal weight while providing strong load-bearing webbing. The color is also quite nice as it doesn’t clash with most rock climbing gear and apparel. All of the parts will be in good working order, even if it has been quite a while since you’ve started using this.

Another thing to note for this particular model is that everything can be acquired at a price point that is within easy reach. It’s not incredibly cheap, nor is it way too out there. Even if it does have a reasonable price point, it can still offer great levels of comfort and security, so you’re going to get excellent value for money.

Ingenuity Professional Mountaineering Rock Climbing Harness

Unlike many other rock climbing harnesses out there that are made with the high-strength material, the Ingenuity Professional Mountaineering Rock Climbing Harness has cotton fiber mixed in with other substances to complete the product. Other materials used are nylon webbing, Dyneema attachment point and polyester, EVA foam, 3D woven polyester mesh, and closed-cell foam padding. When all of these materials are combined, it brings about a harness that brings about excellent levels of comfort and security.

This particular harness can fir any waist size ranging from 80 to 140 centimeters, and leg sizes from 60 to 75 centimeters. It also has Quick-adjust leg loops, and a protect waist feature. With these functionalities, it is an ideal climbing harness for both veterans and beginners alike. It can be used for men, women, and even children who want to get into the activity.

As for its price, it is quite reasonable as it won’t put too much of a dent in your bank account. Not only can you use it while climbing walls, ropes, or faces of hills or mountains, but you can also use it for certain activities, such as trimming tall trees.


If you are a veteran wall or rock climber, or if you’ve just started with the activity, then it is important to purchase and use a rock climbing harness for your safety and security. You can never be too sure about what will happen while you’re scaling a wall or the side of a mountain. Protecting yourself is one of the top priorities if you’re into such an activity. Even if you’re doing it inside an activity center and there’s a cushion right below you, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take care of yourself while you’re scaling the wall. After all, you do want to reach the peak, right? Then let the information posted in this guide help you in choosing the right harness for your needs.

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