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Have you ever seen your child’s eyes glimmer with much enthusiasm as you’re watching a television show about a documentary on dinosaurs? It is at that moment that you might think, “I should get them a dinosaur toy.” Now, when you run off to the toy store, you might believe that getting the cheapest toy dinosaur inside the toy bin might be a good idea.

While it is no question that your child’s imagination can run wild with the plastic plaything, playability options for such a toy are very limited. As such, your kid will get pretty tired and bored with it soon enough. You might even find them moving to other toys after a just a few hours (or minutes) of playtime with the ordinary toy dinosaur.

If you’re looking for a model that retains the look of a dinosaur but is geared for maximum playability, then opt to purchase a robot dino for your kid. A robot dinosaur has a bunch of features that your child can enjoy. Modern units can even have voice recognition commands so your child can just say something and the toy dinosaur can act out the instruction in response.

Some of these robot dinosaurs are also made with durable material, so even if your child likes to pick up their toys and throw them around, it can still survive a throw from a distance. However, they can still break if your child decides to throw them from, say, the second story of your house all the way to the ground floor. As such, parental guidance might still be advised when they’re playing with their toy dinos.

However, watching your kid enjoy themselves with their brand new toy dinosaur can help melt all the stress that’s been living inside your heart and mind for some time. Our children are our little bundles of joy, and giving them the best in regards to their happiness and enthusiasm is one of the things parents do.

So if you’re already in the market looking for the best robot dinosaurs, then you might want to cut your search for a bit of the information you seek might already be here in this post.

Zoomer Chomplingz – Z-Rex Dinosaur

Kids will always be kids – they like to run around while playing with their toys. As a parent or guardian, you might get tired after a few minutes of playtime with your child, but they’ll still be a huge ball of energy. When you give them the Zoomer Chomplingz – Z-Rex Dinosaur, this toy can keep up with your kids’ “shenanigans.”

This robot dinosaur has a good number of interactive games that your child will love. They can play Hot Hands if your child is fast enough, or perhaps a good game of Sound Warp. Your kids might even want to play catch and fetch with the Z-Rex Dinosaur. It is recommended that kids with ages five years old and above should play with this toy. Some tiny parts might become choking hazards. The toy also requires three AAA batteries to make it work, and these are not available in the standard packaging.

With its many features, some kids might find it a bit confusing at first as to how to operate this robot dinosaur. But give them a few minutes, and the rest will be hours-and-hours of fun. It’s great for parents as it allows them to play and interact with their children.

Miposaur by WowWee

Plastic toy dinosaurs have one common problem – they break easily. So if your child likes to throw his toys around without a care in the world, then you’d just say goodbye to the money you’ve spent to purchase the plaything. However, the same could not be said with the Miposaur by WowWee. The MiPosaur is sturdy, smart, and fun to be with. Kids and adults can operate it in three different ways, them being tame, train, and game. All of its control functions can be done with a free app that’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices and the use of a TrackBall.

The Miposaur is also smart enough that it can recognize certain hand gestures. At the swipe of a hand, you can make this robot dinosaur “express” certain feelings, such as excitement, curiosity, and annoyance. There are ten different hand gestures that you can do in which this robot toy can recognize, like clapping or swiping with your hands. You can even try to scare Miposaur; just see its reactions for yourself.

As for its accompanying TrackBall, it has the company’s BeaconSense technology embedded into it. This technology allows the Miposaur to follow and track the ball around. You can even make the robot dinosaur apply certain game modes with it.

Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex

The Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex is not your ordinary robot dinosaur. For starters, it’s an ice dino that spits out fire. Well, not fire and ice but plastic renditions of these elements. Expect your child or children to have hours of fun as they play with this toy. When you turn the Power Pad found on its tail, the dino will take four steps forward, and it even comes with exciting sound effects. Your kid might even play pretend with this robot dinosaur as they might think they’re rampaging across New York like prehistoric dinosaurs from the movies.

One trait that sets this toy apart from the many other robot dinosaurs on the market is its size. It is large as it is a height of 2-1/2 feet. There’s also LED light in its eyes and spikes to complete the large rampaging dinosaur effect. With a simple push of a button, it can launch ice bombs from its back and chest, or you can make it spit fire from its mouth.

Adventure is in every turn when your children play with the Imaginext Ultra T-Rex. Some people might think that it’s more than just a robot dinosaur as it is also part war-machine for cave dwellers.

Smithsonian RC T.Rex

While many robot dinosaurs are more robot than a dinosaur, the Smithsonian RC T.Rex retains a lot of the original look of the T-Rex. It is a remote-controlled toy in which you or your child can have hours of fun playing. You can make this T-Rex walk or roar with just a press of a button. Make your child’s imagination run wild as you see them playing with this robot dinosaur.

Albeit this robot-dino is exceptional to its right, some shortcomings do come with the package. For instance, some parents might think that the security with regards to its packaging is a bit ridiculous. There might be a lot of stuff securing the robot dinosaur into its packaging that it might take more than a few minutes to get it out. However, once you’ve achieved such a feat, just slap on the batteries in the right compartments and watch as your kid’s eyes shine with delight.

It is advised, however, that this dino should be played on a carpet or a surface where there’s little traction. It is because the tail becomes a bit too heavy for comfort and playing on rough surfaces might make it difficult for the robot dino to move about.

Meccano – Meccasaur

With a name like Meccano – Meccasaur, you’re sure that this is more robot than dinosaur unlike the previously mentioned Smithsonian RC T-Rex. For this particular toy, it can interact and respond to various commands. It can stomp around, answer with gestures about a yes or a no, or just have plain fun with it. It can even guard your kids against perilous attacks (so to speak). Its menacing roar will entice imaginations to fly. It is recommended, however, for kids ages 10 and up to play this robot dinosaur as there are plenty of small parts that might be choking hazards for younger children.

The minimum age requirement for this toy is higher than most standard robot dinosaurs on the market because your kids still have to build it out of the box. 715 pieces needs to be connected, but there is an instruction guide included in the packaging that gets the job done. There are even two hand tools contained in the standard packaging to help your kids build the Meccasaur at a quicker rate as opposed to just using their hands.


If you’ve noticed that your child is into dinosaurs and information about the prehistoric eras, then getting them a robot dinosaur can give them hours-and-hours of much-needed playtime. Watch as their eyes gleam with happiness and joy when they receive their new toy. Your kid might even become happier as they’re going to playing with the new robot dino.

Let this list serve as a proper guide for you so that you can choose which robot dinosaur to choose from the many other models on the market.

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