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If you’re planning to set up an aquarium at your home, inside your room or maybe your very own restaurant or shop then you might want to consider getting a rimless one. For the past few years, a lot of aquarium enthusiasts have used rimless aquariums for their aquatic pets. You might find that rimless aquariums look a lot cleaner and more beautiful compared to a typical aquarium that has a rim. The good thing about having a rim is you can easily attach your filter body on the rim of your aquarium. You can secure it there since most filters are made to have a base where you place it on the rim of your aquarium. With a rimless aquarium, you don’t have that so it might be a little bit more challenging.

With a rimless aquarium, you need to sacrifice some parts that make an aquarium convenient. A lot of people argue that although it can be challenging, using a rimless aquarium makes it look more appealing and cooler. So, you can say it’s for aesthetics use mostly. One thing to keep in mind when you use a rimless aquarium is your pet fishes must be a non-jumping type. They can easily lead to their death if you use a rimless aquarium for fishes that are known for their escape tactics. Here’s a list of the best products on the market if you’re interested in purchasing one.

SCA Starfire Glass Aquariums Complete Package 

There aren’t a lot of great-looking and popular rimless aquariums in the market but we were able to find the most talked about and highly rated one. One of the products that we found is this highly rated one. They have found a way to make it easier for you to install your filter without any rims on your aquarium. The price might be a little bit shocking to you but the truth is you not only get a rimless aquarium, you also get a cabinet where you can place your rimless aquarium securely. The size of the aquarium is medium measuring 24x24x20. There are actually three holes that are drilled on the inside of the overflow box so that you don’t have to make on yourself.

The doors of the cabinet itself are made of heavy duty materials. The overall rimless aquarium itself is quite sturdy and durable too since the manufacturers of this product made sure that they used high-quality ones. This product actually has all the essential tools that can make a rimless aquarium work. It even has a return pump, the SCA-301 skimmer as well as Atmen PH2500, which is one of the reasons why this product is pricey. Aside from that, you also get the different tubing, filter media, Return T pipe and Durso Stand Pipe for your rimless aquarium. Now, you can’t say that a rimless aquarium is difficult to install when you have this product that has everything ready for you to use.

Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion Nano Premium Aquarium 

Here’s another great-looking rimless aquarium that we found in the market but this one has a friendly price compared to the first one. This might not have the same level of ratings but this one has a clean and beautiful look into it. This might not have the same quality as the other expensive rimless aquarium but this one is pretty passable when it comes to functionality and look. The size is small enough to fit inside your room. If you’re aiming for a nano rimless tank for your pet fishes then this is a great and budget-friendly product.

Cube-sized aquariums like this one are pretty cute and neat to use. When you have a cube-sized rimless aquarium, you can easily view the inside of your tank without any distractions. You can have a better view of your fishes and each and every aquatic life that you have inside your tank. This already have a built-in filter so you don’t have to worry about how you can install a separate filter. The top portion has a unique cover so you can place a fish type that’s known for their jumping ability. It also has a special light at the top with a switch that you can easily turn on and off. This can easily fill up with 10 gallons of water.

SCA Starfire Rimless Aquariums Pnp System with Built-in Overflow

This is another great rimless aquarium that we found in the market. It even comes with a built-in overflow found inside the cabinet that comes with this item. The price might be expensive, but if you wanted to have a rimless aquarium without the added hassle of setting up additional overflows, tubing and other paraphernalia then this is a great investment that you should consider. This is a lot bigger than the other SCA rimless aquariums measuring 32x24x20″H. Unlike the other product SCA product in this list, this one has a thick Starfire glass that’s very strong and durable.  You won’t regret purchasing this product when it comes to quality.

This product also comes with a return pump, the Atman PH2500 one, and a skimmer too that can accommodate gallons of water. From the view itself, you’ll see how beautiful this product is. That’s one of the pros of using a rimless aquarium, they’re very clean to look at and they’re beautiful. A lot of people had no problems with the installation of this rimless aquarium since this product has everything that you needed. You can now enjoy the different angles of your aquarium and see the fishes inside it clearly. You can check this product out if you haven’t found the one you’re looking for.

Ultum Nature Systems 3N Clear Rimless Tanks

Now, this is the epitome of rimless aquariums. In my opinion, this should be how a rimless aquarium should look like. It doesn’t have any attachments to it and you can clearly see the inside of the aquarium. It’s very clean-looking and cool. The glass itself is diamante glass which is one of the clearest types of glass there is. You can appreciate everything inside the rimless aquarium thanks to the 91% clarity of the glass itself. The edges of the rimless aquarium have mitered edges of 45 degrees. The silicon used to hold everything together is German silicon which is one of the strongest ever. It’s also a high-quality silicon.

The bottom of the aquarium has a foam which protects the aquarium from the surface of its resting area. Rimless aquariums like this one are very hard to find. Some people want nothing to do with it since it doesn’t hold many functions as a fish tank. But when it comes to the beauty of a rimless tank, you can’t deny that they look way prettier compared to a regular one. You just have to find a way to install your filter in a way that won’t hinder the beauty of the fish tank. With this rimless aquarium, you’ll love the breathtaking view of your fishes and aquatic life inside your tank.

Deep Blue Professional ADB11441 Rimless Cube Aquarium Glass Tank

The last product on our list is the cheapest one of the bunch. This might not have the highest rating for all the product in this list but this one is a pretty decent one that has a passable quality and function especially for those who are on a budget in choosing rimless aquarium. The side is small and it can fit any small space at your office or inside your room. The glass used is thick enough but clear just like a high-end product. You can change the water inside this without any problems since it’s pretty small. You can also keep your tank low-tech if you want to.

With this, you can add different assortments if you have them at home. You can add some small-sized filters and serve plates at the bottom if you want to. You can view the different sides of the aquarium and look inside to view your fishes. This way you can appreciate the full beauty of your fishes and the assortment of aquatic life inside your fish tank with this rimless fish tank. If you have a Beta fish then it’ll surely love to swim around inside this rimless tank.


You can enjoy the full beauty of your aquatic pets and aquatic designs when you use the best rimless aquarium. If you’re willing to invest on a good quality aquarium in order to have a cool, fancy one at your home, room, or office, then it’s better to use a rimless aquarium. It might not be your conventional aquarium, but when you use one you can easily see your pet fish in all angles and without the distractions of filters and even tubes from filters. There are different rimless aquarium sizes that you can choose from, and there are also reasonably-priced ones that you can check out if you want to.

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