Best RFID Money Belts

Getting the best RFID money belt guarantees you don’t have to worry about your valuables getting lost on a trip. Using a RFID money while you’re traveling is a worthy consideration. Especially nowadays when technological advancements put you at risk of identity theft. Indeed, modern thieves can do this now without even picking your wallet or bag.

Wireless identity theft using RFID scanners enable them to skim details off cards equipped with the Radio frequency identification (RFID) chip. The technology can scan details from credit cards, debit cards, as well as government-issued ID cards. Thus, putting you at great risk.

Sadly, you’re left unaware of the theft until you receive surprising charges on your credit cards. The worst scenario is if someone already used your personal information to commit a crime. You’d be left with the big problem of proving it wasn’t really you who committed it. Hence, you need to arm yourself against this type of thievery. The RFID money belt would be your best defense against such a crime. Earlier versions of the money belt weren’t as fashionable as many liked. At the same time, it didn’t offer sufficient protection against theft. Its bulky size made it even more appealing to pickpockets.

In contrast, today’s RFID money belts have a more likable design. Indeed, you can easily keep it under your clothing. Moreover, their security features have greatly improved. Apart from the ability to block RFID readers, the material and locks are of better quality. A quick online search for RFID money belts will yield a long list of options. So choosing the best won’t be an easy task. To help you find the best RFID money belt, we feature the top products in this category. So it’s best to learn what each product has to offer.

Money Belt for Travel with RFID Blocking Sleeves Set

RFID Money Belt For Travel with 1x Passport and 6x Credit Card Protector RFID Sleeves

The Money Belt for Travel with RFID Blocking Sleeves Set from Alpha Keeper puts you ahead of any potential threat. In addition to its unique three-layered RFID blocking construction, you get an extra set of seven RFID protected sleeve set. That’s a bonus to give you the peace of mind you want while you’re traveling.

Use the Money Belt for Travel with RFID Blocking Sleeves Set to keep your passport, cash, and credit cards secure. More importantly, prevent the ¬any chance of theft or loss. Its high-quality zipper won’t give you problems on the road. You can easily adjust the belt’s elastic strip according to your size. So no need to strain yourself trying to put it on.

The product is available in six colors. Choose the style that best fits you. Take your pick from Beige, Black, Brown, Grey, Men Camo Color, and Women Pink Camo. Keep in mind there is a price variation depending on which color you choose.

Venture 4th Travel Money Belt

The Travel Money Belt by Venture 4TH guarantees you won’t leave anything important behind. In addition to your passport, credit cards, and cash, it has enough space for you to take your keys, phone, and any other documents you might need. But don’t worry, the Travel Money Belt has separate compartments so your things remain organized. Yet it doesn’t look or feel like the bulky fanny packs of the olden days.

The Travel Money Belt is ideal for men and women. Moreover, it can accommodate a sizeable waistline of up to 56-inches. Its mesh material makes it comfortable to wear underneath your clothing. So it doesn’t feel awkward pressed against your skin.

Your personal information is secure because of its built-in RFID blocking fabric. The product measures 5.91 x 0.2 x 11.81 inches. The Travel Money Belt is available in 10 colors. Choose from Beige, Beige + RFID sleeves, Black, Black + RFID sleeves, Brown, Brown + RFID sleeves, Grey, Grey + RFID sleeves, Silver, or Silver + RFID sleeves.

Lewis N. Clark RFID-Blocking Waist Stash Anti-Theft Hidden Money Belt

Lewis N. Clark RFID-Blocking Waist Stash Anti-Theft Hidden Money Belt, Taupe, One Size

The Lewis N. Clark RFID-Blocking Waist Stash Anti-Theft Hidden Money Belt keeps you secure against the threat of modern pickpocketing. It will effectively shield you from the risk of identity threat while you’re traveling.

The distinctive fabric technology of the Lewis N. Clark RFID-Blocking Waist Stash Anti-Theft Hidden Money Belt sets it apart from other products in this category. Its Traveldry technology is resistant to odors and mold. This is because the fabric lets moisture draw off it. The fabric is made of heavy-duty rip-stop nylon. Its zippers are also self-repairing. The multiple compartments keep your valuables secure and separate.

The product has an adjustable buckle that can extend up to 50 inches. You can choose from four colors namely Taupe, Black, Gray (Exclusive Color), or Olive.

Ody Travel Gear Money Belt

Money Belt for Travel- NON ITCH SOFT BACK - Anti-theft RFID Waist Wallet - Women & Men - Small /XXL

You can depend on the Money Belt by Ody Travel Gear to keep your valuables protected against electronic identity theft because of its RFID lining. Moreover, it doesn’t require the use additional sleeves to keep you secure.

The product also guarantees customers a comfortable fit because of its trademark Cloud-Feel Soft Non-itch Sweat-Wicking Backing. As a result, you won’t get rashes from the sweat that normally builds up when using other money belt products.

The Lewis N. Clark RFID-Blocking Waist Stash Anti-Theft Hidden Money Belt has a long elastic waistband. So, it’s comfortably adjustable to fit various sizes from small to double extra-large. It’s ideal for men and women.

Peak Travel Money Belt with built-in RFID Block

Travel Money Belt with built-in RFID Block - Includes Theft Protection and Global Recovery Tags

PEAK’s Travel Money Belt with built-in RFID Block prides itself in being the most comfortable product in this category. This is because of its trademark ComfortSoft strap. It provides all-day comfort and is readily adjustable to your waist size. So you’ll love wearing it even while traveling in warmer climates.

For your added convenience, the Travel Money Belt with built-in RFID Block doesn’t need separate RFID sleeves to keep you safe against electronic pickpocketing. The technology is built-in to its fabric already. Another distinction of the Travel Money Belt with built-in RFID Block is that it’s the only money belt to use the YKK zippers. So you’re guaranteed it won’t fall apart.

As a bonus, PEAK throws in a $250 Theft Reimbursement package in case of a robbery. Moreover, you’ll get 2 Global Recovery Tags because of its partnership with ReturnMe. So attach these to any of your valuables to get the expert security from the world’s biggest lost and found company.

What to look for

Finding the best RFID money belt will be easy as long as you take into account these key factors as your guide while shopping. Each factor highlights what you should look for in a RFID money belt. By doing so, you’re guaranteed to find the best option to meet your specific needs.

  • RFID protection – A RFID money belt should possess superior RFID protection to block any unwanted invasion of your privacy. It should effectively guard against scanners or readers designed to skim off details from the RFID chips embedded in your credit cards or ID cards. The last thing you want is to discover your identity has been compromised despite having a RFID money belt that’s specifically designed to stop it.
  • Added safety features – Your chosen money belt should have additional safety features aside from its RFID blocking technology. Make sure the zippers provide a tight seal so that none of your valuables inadvertently fall out. Evaluate the lock used to secure the RFID money belt around your waist. Inspect the latch to be certain it isn’t faulty or doesn’t loosen easily if pulled by a thief. Likewise, make sure the lock for every compartment of the money belt is also secure. It’s also good to know if the product is water-resistant.
  • Material – The type of fabric also matters when choosing a RFID money belt. Ideally, you want one that’s sturdy so it won’t be easily compromised by a thief. Fabric that’s too flimsy might easily tear with constant use. On the other hand, a thick fabric would make the money belt heavy and inconvenient to carry around wherever you go. Imagine buying a RFID money belt to take with you on your trip. But you opt to leave it in the hotel safe because it’s too bothersome to bring.
  • Price – It’s a good idea to decide beforehand how much you’re willing to spend for the best RFID money belt. Don’t worry as setting a budget won’t limit your choices because you can easily find a good selection of products in any price range. However, do keep in mind the importance of quality especially if you’re looking to find the best RFID money belt. This often comes at a price. Thus, it’s best to be prepared for it and to decide upfront if you’re willing to spend a little extra for it.
  • Comfort – Apart from security, it’s also best to have a money belt that’s comfortable to wear. That means you should be able to adjust it accordingly. It should fit around your waist securely with feeling restrictive. It shouldn’t cut off the flow of blood and oxygen to your legs. At the same time, it won’t be too stretched out that you risk breaking it apart at the seams. Thus, making it easier for a thief to pull it off.
  • Storage – Assess how much stuff you plan to put inside your RFID money belt. Keep in mind that nowadays the products in this category are not as bulky as their previous versions. Hence, they’re often worn discreetly underneath the clothes. Nonetheless, it should still be able to store your essentials such as money, tickets, passport, mobile device, and other small pieces of valuables you want close at hand.


The best RFID money belt should keep your valuables secure. At the same time, it’s comfortable to wear close to your body. To make sure you’re able to make the right choice, keep in mind the key factors to look for in the best RFID money belt.

Decide beforehand how much you’re willing to spend for a RFID money belt. Evaluate the safety features a product has to offer. Make sure it has the necessary RFID blocking technology. In addition, find out what other security details it provides.

Assess the fabric or material of the RFID money belt. Check for comfort and adjustability. To help you further, remember to check out these top products in this category. Maybe one of these products has the qualities you’re looking for in the best RFID money belt.

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