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When you head to your home’s living room, what do you see? Do you see a big sofa and a coffee table as the centerpiece? Perhaps your eyes meet with the paintings and draperies hanging from the walls and windows? While it seems complete, you might think that there’s still something missing, and that might be a reading chair.

Think about this – a living room without a comfortable reading chair is like going to a downtown spa without a large tub. Bring more comfort to your living space with a comfy reading chair.

Big Joe Dorm Chair

The Big Joe Dorm Chair has a tough, water resistant, stain resistant, and easy-to-clean fabric called SmartMax Fabric. When talking about how easy it is to clean this reading chair, all you need is a damp cloth to maintain the sanitation levels of the seat at peak levels. This unit has a width of 32 inches, a height of 25 inches, and a depth of 33 inches.

This reading chair comes with a built-in handle to allow for an easy way to move it around the house. It has a reasonably lightweight construction, so you can transfer it to the property as you wish. Use it to when you want to play your favorite video games in the basement, for studying in your room, or just read a good book while you’re in the living room.

Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

Many interested buyers might easily get offended and just back away slowly at the sight of the price of the Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair. Make no mistake – this is one expensive reading chair. However, what you’re going to get for the immense heft in its price tag is a bean bag seat fit for everyone, for many purposes.

This chair is stuffed with shredded, soft memory foam blended to create high-class durability while offering quality levels of comfort. It can maintain its shape, even if you’ve been sitting on it for the past 8 hours. This reading chair is large as it has dimensions of 60 x 60 x34 inches. However, it’s reasonably lightweight that you can transfer the seat in any location with enough space to the property.

Intex Inflatable Empire Chair

What do you do if you don’t want to lift heavy chairs just to have a decent amount of comfort in a room with sufficient lighting so that you can read a book? You can take advantage of the Intex Inflatable Empire Chair in this regard. The seat has dimensions of 44 x 43 x 27 inches, and these measurements denote that it’s only fit for one bum. Nonetheless, it offers excellent levels of comfort that you might even find yourself sitting on it while you get lost in your imagination as you read that new book you just bought this afternoon.

What to Look For?

Perhaps the most important trait for any reading chair is the comfort levels. After all, reading a good book or browsing through an interesting magazine might make you sit in a single spot for hours. Therefore, you need a chair that’s comfortable as possible and not a seat that would make you stand up every now-and-then because of the pain and discomfort you feel on your bum.

Once you’ve found the right levels of comfort for your specific reading needs, the next thing to decide on is the design of the reading chair. Common belief dictates that most reading chairs portray a particular design. In truth, the market has loads of designs for reading chairs. You can select seats that have a refined and edgy look, or perhaps a vintage offering would suffice your tastes. Just make sure to select a chair that would match the interior d├ęcor of your home.


When all things are considered, you’ve got yourself the perfect reading chair for your living space. Now all that’s left is to search for the perfect book, magazine, novel, or short story to surround yourself in a blissful private adventure that has room for only one person – yourself. Who knows, the comfortable reading chair you just bought might make you read a good book until the early hours of the morning without your knowledge.

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