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Rally racing is a whole level of fun especially for those who are fond of the adrenaline-racing type of sports. For those who want the thrill of racing, even using miniature racing cars, an RC rally car is the best adult hobby to invest your time and money into. RC rally cars are not your ordinary cars. They’re specially designed to provide you with the best rally racing experience ever even if they’re the smaller versions. The products in this list are some of the best RC rally cars found in the market. Most of them are remote controlled and they come in detailed designs with intricate mechanisms that make them work like their life-sized counterparts. You can check them out if you’re interested.

LEGO TECHNIC Porsche 911 GT3 RS 42056

The first product on our list is a highly rated one from a reputable brand. When it comes to “toys for the big boys”, LEGO is the brand that won’t let you down. The features that you can find from this product are designed to give you authentic and realistic race car action. It has an aerodynamic bodywork that can do most of the actions of its large counterpart. It has adjustable parts such as its headlights, rear spoiler, taillights, and even has red suspension springs that work. The details that you can find from this product is amazing. It even has brake calipers that are quite detailed.

If you’re fond of building rally cars then you’ll surely love this product. This comes with a detailed instruction on how to bring all the parts together and how each part works. The comprehensive instructions will give you the best experience ever and when you let this small baby run, it’ll be one great sight to see. It’s amazing how detailed everything is. You sometimes forget that it’s a miniature one. If you’re a fan of Porsche 911 GT3 RS then you’ll surely love this product. The price is quite reasonable too.

RC High-Speed Green Dune Buggy

Here’s another RC product that might interest you. It might not have a very high rating but it’s a pretty decent one for its price. When you compare this to the first product, this is a lot cheaper. When it runs, it’s super-fast. This comes with a full function control that’s comparable to the real thing. You can even crank up the speed with the use of the high speed remote up to 12 mph, how cool is that? You can control the direction of the rally car easily with the remote and the action is quite smooth too even on different terrains.

The good thing about this product is it has a powerful stirring action. It’s super easy to drive and it can challenge any terrain. You can have precision control with this little rally car. You can also use this for indoor and outdoor races. You’ll be amazed how it can easily and quickly increase its speed in no time. The overall shell is quite durable so even if you’re quite rough while playing it won’t get damaged easily. The 4-wheel suspension design of this product is guaranteed to give you the best experience ever. Feel free to check this product out and see how fun it is. The batteries that power this are rechargeable.

FMTStore 1/12 Scale Electric RC Car Offroad 2WD High-Speed 33+MPH Remote Controlled Car Truck

This is another powerful rally car that we found in the market. This might not have a very high compared to the first product on our list but there are people who had no qualms with the quality and performance of this product. This actually comes with a powerful motor. It even comes with a 2.4Ghz radio system that lets you control the rally car easily. The suspension system that you’ll find in this product is a 4-wheel one that’s quite functional you’ll be amazed how this can run well even on the toughest terrain. It even comes with an independent set of the metal differential.

The overall design of this product is quite stable and the construction is quite sturdy. The good thing about the remote control range of this product is it’s quite far. You can actually control the direction and function of this rally car as far as 100 meters, how cool is that? This 4-wheel car even comes with matching shock absorbers for all four wheels. So even if you let this run of a rocky terrain it can maintain its balance and can run well without any problems.


When it comes to choosing which rally car to use for your hobby then it’s better to choose the best Rc rally car. You might have a hard time choosing which one to purchase if you don’t know what to look for. It’s better to check the functions and the overall quality of the construction and materials used for the product before purchasing. You should also keep in mind your budget.

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