Best Rain Ponchos

The best rain poncho will keep you dry in the rain all the way up to your thighs. It can also protect you when the storm gets turbulent because it’s windproof. Unlike rain jackets, the construction of the rain poncho is wide at the helm line. This feature makes it less stuffy underneath unlike how you’d feel while wearing a rain jacket. This also makes it easy to put on and take off straight away.

The rain poncho is also convenient. You can easily pack it into a small bundle, add it to your bag, and take it anywhere. Indeed, it’s less bulky than carrying around a rain jacket. So, it’s the practical choice just in case the weather suddenly changes for the worse while you’re outdoors.

Apart from yourself, a rain poncho is spacious enough to accommodate your backpack inside it. Moreover, fewer seams in its construction mean lesser chances of water seeping in. So, you don’t have to worry about your things getting wet.

Admittedly, the earlier versions of the rain poncho didn’t appeal to many, especially women. Its lack of style was its downside and the main reason why many people resisted wearing it. Fortunately, today’s rain poncho underwent a major makeover. Hence, they’ve become more stylish and now, come in different colors as well as prints. Moreover, modern rain ponchos come with new features to enhance its functionality.

Thus, more reasons to get yourself the best rain poncho today. However, shopping for one won’t be easy as the choices are abundant. Nevertheless, five products stand out as the top picks in this category. We feature each one and highlight what qualifies it as the best rain poncho.

Charles River Apparel Pacific Poncho

Charles River Apparel Men's Pacific Poncho, Maroon, One Size

The Charles River Apparel Pacific Poncho is just what you need when you suddenly find yourself caught in the rain. The size is ideal for adults. So, you can be sure it will keep you covered and dry. The package comes with its own pouch for easy storage in your luggage or backpack. Thus, making it very convenient to take along with you on a trip. Indeed, it’s a better alternative to bringing a bulky jacket or an umbrella.

One of the key features of the Charles River Apparel Pacific Poncho is its fabric. It’s made from waterproof new Englander polyurethane. For added comfort, it’s sewn to a knit backing. So, you get quality comfort inside and out.

Its seams are heat-sealed to make sure no water gets inside. The snap neck and drawstring helps secure the hood. Thus, giving you greater protection from the rain and the wind. You can also close the sides as they come equipped with snaps for the arms.

The product measures 10 x 8 x 1 inches. It’s available in 15 colors namely, aqua marine, black, chocolate, forest, jade, maroon, navy, steel grey, saddle, royal, red, yellow, neon green, neon orange, and serenity blue.

Totes Unisex Rain Poncho

Totes Navy Blue Adult Rain Poncho

The Totes Unisex Rain Poncho gets high marks for its good quality and affordability. Made of vinyl, this rain poncho won’t weigh you down. The fabric isn’t heavy.

You don’t have to worry about your arms sticking out and getting wet with the Totes Unisex Rain Poncho. It measures 38 inches long so you can be sure the sleeves are long enough. Reinforced side snaps also help you secure the sleeves on both arms.

The size of the hood is another plus for the Totes Unisex Rain Poncho. It’s large enough so your face is protected from the rain. Likewise, the neck hole is big. This makes it easier to put on and take off without struggling. You don’t even need to remove your glasses.

The product measures 9.7 x 6.5 x 1 inches. It comes with a mesh, zippered bag for easy storage. You can purchase it by piece or in packs of 2. Available colors for single packs are clear, navy, red, hunter, royal, yellow, and smoke. The colors for packs of 2 are a combination of any of the said colors.

frogg toggs Ultra-Lite Poncho

Frogg Toggs FTP1714-09 Action Poncho, Green

frogg toggs Ultra-Lite Poncho lets you enjoy your day outdoors even if it rains. It’s light enough to pack and store in your bag. So, you don’t need to postpone your trip, hike, or outdoor activity even if the rains threaten to pour. It can also keep you dry in a heavy downpour.

With the frogg toggs Ultra-Lite Poncho you and your backpack won’t get wet. Moreover, you’ll feel comfortable while wearing it. Its lightweight fabric is breathable. In addition, its seams are welded so you stay waterproof.

For your added convenience, snaps on the rain poncho make sure it won’t move around at the same time you do. The snaps also help to regulate airflow inside. This is great so you won’t feel overheated underneath. You can also adjust the hood to fit you better. The product is available in three colors. Choose from dark green, blue, and khaki.

Swiss Camo Wet Weather Poncho

The Swiss Camo Wet Weather Poncho might be the only rain poncho you’ll ever need. Indeed, any outdoorsman will appreciate its quality and convenience.

Noticeably, the size of the Swiss Camo Wet Weather Poncho is larger than the typical rain poncho. So, if you stand a little less than 5’5” then expect it to keep you dry all the way down to your ankles. This is very helpful especially when you’re caught in a strong rain storm.

The Swiss Camo Wet Weather Poncho is made of waterproof rubberized nylon. So you’re certain it’s tough and can stand up to the elements. Moreover, it won’t rip easily. It’s heavy duty but it doesn’t feel heavy while you’re wearing it.

Unlike other rain ponchos, the Swiss Camo Wet Weather Poncho has rustproof snaps in the front. This makes it easier to wear and take off since you don’t have to struggle with it while pulling it over your head. The side slits for your arms also have snaps that you can close for added protection. Use the drawstring to secure the hood under your chin.

STORMTECH PCX-1 Adult’s Aerolite Packable Poncho

Stormtech - Packable Rain Poncho, Red

The quality of the STORMTECH PCX-1 Adult’s Aerolite Packable Poncho is well worth the price. Made of 100% nylon taffeta, it’s sturdy to protect you from the wind plus it repels water completely. Yet it’s very light to wear. The seams are hemmed sealed with quality stitching.

The sides have snaps that you can open or close depending on your preference and weather conditions. A drawcord makes it easy to adjust the hood. This rain poncho is easy to pack and comes with its own sack that has the snap to close it. It won’t take up much space in your backpack as you can roll it to the typical size of a burrito. The product is available in five colors. Take your pick from red, navy, royal, gold, and navy blue.

What To Look For

Naturally, various brands selling a rain poncho will claim to have the best product in the market. However, that’s not always the case. Hence, the best rain poncho should pass each of the following criteria preferably with excellence.

  • Waterproof – A rain poncho must keep you dry in the rain. If not, then it’s not worth it. So, choose a material that’s water resistant. Moreover, check the construction of the rain poncho. Are the seams sealed? Water can seep through the seams if it’s not well hemmed. The hood should also keep your head covered. It’s best for the hood to have a drawstring or something to help you secure it so that the wind doesn’t blow it off.
  • Durability – Getting caught outdoors in the rain requires a product that’s durable so it will help make you feel you secure. This means you don’t have to worry how long it’ll keep you dry while you’re outside. This is particularly helpful if you’re hiking far away from where there’s no place to seek shelter from the rains.
  • Weight – You’ll want to get a rain poncho that’s lightweight so that it won’t weigh you down while you’re enjoying the outdoors. Size is also important, as it should be large enough to give you coverage. Yet it can be packed to fit conveniently into your backpack.
  • Added features – The little details can make all the difference in your choice of rain poncho. Do the side comes with snaps? Remember, these are helpful to secure the sides to your arms. At the same time, it should provide you with the flexibility to adjust it for adequate airflow inside the poncho. Some rain ponchos also come with inside pockets to let you keep small items such as your mobile phone or a small amount of money. This is helpful just in case you accidentally leave behind your backpack.


A rain poncho can be your best defense against water and the wind especially during these times when the weather has become unpredictable. More importantly, it allows you to continue to enjoy the outdoors without fear or worry.

To make sure you find the right product to meet your needs, you should keep in mind these factors, namely, waterproof, weight, durability, and added features. By doing so, you stand a better chance of getting the best rain poncho.

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