Best Purple Hair Dyes

You can rock that purple hairdo as long as you use the best purple hair dye. Creating a unique look might not be for everyone, but if you’re an adventurous person and you feel like you can rock this type of color then, by all means, go for it! Choose the best hair product that can give you the right shade of purple that you wanted. There are temporary purple hair dyes that you can use. You can also use a purple hair dye that you can easily remove after you’ve gotten tired of the look.



You can rely on this product to give you the look that you wanted. A lot of people recommend this hair color dye and for a good reason. It comes at such an affordable price while its effect is amazing. The formula of this hair dye will give you that semi-permanent hair color. There are different colors to choose from but if you want purple hair then choose the Purple Rain. There are no harmful chemicals in this product. It’s actually made of 100% vegan ingredients. It’s gentle enough for your hair but its effects are amazingly long-lasting.

Sparks Long Lasting Bright Hair Color, Purple Passion

Sparks Long Lasting Bright Hair Color, Purple Passion, 3 Ounce

Another best-selling hair dye which has a purple color that you can use is this product. If you want to have a darker and cool-toned purple hair color then this might be the hair dye that you’re looking for. It’s a lot brighter and bolder compared to other products. It’s very rich in color and gorgeous to look at. In order for you to achieve the bright purple hair color then it’s advisable that you pre-lighten your hair first. Most people bleach it first so that it’ll come out vibrant. Your hair will stay healthy and bouncy with this.

Adore -Creative Image Semi-Permanent Hair Color #116 Purple Rage

Adore -Creative Image Semi-Permanent Hair Color #116 Purple Rage, 4 oz

If you’re aiming for shiny and vibrant purple hair color then choose the Purple Rage color from Adore. Each bottle has 4 ounces of the hair dye solution that can give you semi-permanent hair color. The formula of this product is runny. Some people don’t mind that it’s liquidy. It’s easy to apply and the effects of the hair dye can last long. The price of each bottle is very affordable too. You can mix different colors and it’ll come out beautiful. You only have to wait a few minutes for the formula to sink into your hair strands.


In order for you to have vibrant and silky purple hair color you need to use the best purple hair dye. You should check the ingredients of the product. It shouldn’t contain any harsh and harmful ingredients which can damage your hair. The color of the dye should be the right shade of purple that you wanted. Make sure that the effects of the hair dye can last very long. It’s better if you check the product first whether you’re allergic to it or not before applying it to your hair.

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