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If the world only consists of a straight line, we might reach the end of the solar system, only that it’s not. In this life, angles exist as well making things more complicated to measure in which not even a ruler can’t do easily. If you need to measure an angle, at least from your desk, you’ll need a protractor to assist you. It’s a similar measuring tool to ruler but in half circle shape construction. While some might not find them useful, but if you’re studying, you’re going to need the best protractor to keep you from measuring wrong measurements.

Fiskars Plastic Swing Arm Protractor

For the best protractor, it’s about providing you the best experience of measuring angles with an added bit of help. With the use of Fiskars Plastic Swing Arm Protractor, measuring angles and radians won’t be that much as difficult as before. In a set of one, the Fiskars Plastic Swing Arm Protractor is also available in a set of 2. The Fiskars Plastic Swing Arm Protractor can be used by kids in school while also being capable as a professional measuring tool. It comes with easy to read inch and centimeter measurements while making it easy to measure with its swing arm for a straight edge guide.

Westcott Plastic 180 Degree Protractor

If you want a simple and school-made protractor, perhaps you might want to buy the next product. For the Westcott Plastic 180 Degree Protractor, it’s your classic, old style-designed protractor made out from plastic. The Westcott Plastic 180 Degree Protractor has a clear body material making it useable on either side. It features easy to read numbers for a much easier measurement activity. Although the original product comes in a clear plastic finish, the colors are assorted upon ordering the Westcott Plastic 180 Degree Protractor.

MapTools Round Military Coordinate Scale and Protractor

Perhaps you’re tired with the usual and boring protractor and want to up your game with a better version, if that’s the case, better get the next product for added challenges and functionality. With the MapTools Round Military Coordinate Scale and Protractor, you’re not only getting a protractor, but you’re also getting a military grade coordinate scale for added measuring ability. The MapTools Round Military Coordinate Scale and Protractor are used with USNG, MGRS, UTM, and other metric based coordinate systems. Also, it can be used on maps with matching scales as seen on the product itself.


In other words, a protractor is your best companion when it comes to measuring angles. Unless you’re superhuman with superpowers, you’ll find a protractor very useful in accurate measuring for creative works or solve math problems. Even though a protractor seems to be alike with one another, they actually differ in use whether it’s an added feature or to help you get a straight line. Just keep in mind, though, when you’re getting a protractor, make sure it can accommodate your needs and you know how to use it. With that said, the best protractor is Fiskars Plastic Swing Arm Protractor.

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