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Many individuals still like the vintage looks of the traditional alarm clock design. However, there’s now a large percentage of the human race that like to add a modern touch to their homes with the use of a projector alarm clock. This device works similarly like an ordinary alarm clock as it can tell time and make an audible noise when the alarm strikes. However, as far as features go, that’s where the similarities end. Projector alarm clocks have digital faces, and they can beam the time to a screen or a wall.

Electrohome EAAC601 Projection Alarm Clock

The Electrohome EAAC601 Projection Alarm Clock features a radio, a large and clear 3.6-inch blue LCD screen, and an adjustable brightness for the display. Users can project time or the temperature levels to a wall or ceiling. You can also take advantage of an 180-degree swivel projection, so you’ll know immediately what time or temperature it is without having to roll over to one side of the bead. This projector alarm clock also makes use of an automatic update time and date function that’ll adjust routinely during Daylight Savings Time.

Mesqool AM/FM Digital Dimmable Projection Alarm Clock

Like the Electrohome EAAC601 Projector Alarm Clock, the Mesqool AM/FM Digital Dimmable Projection Alarm Clock makes use of an 180-degree swivel projection so that you’ll immediately know what time it is without having to move to one side of the bed. Users can also choose from either the standard alarm sound or make the radio turn itself on once it reaches the appointed time.

OnLyee Digital LED Dimmable Projection Alarm Clock

The OnLyee Digital LED Dimmable Projection Alarm Clock has a dimmable LED display so you don’t have to worry about blinding yourself due to bright screens when you suddenly wake up at 3 in the morning. Aside from being a projectable alarm clock, this device is also a functional AM/FM radio, and users can take advantage of setting up to twenty channels for its preset memory (10 FM and 10 AM stations).

What to Look For?

For consumers, looking at the market can make you confused because there are a lot of projector alarm clocks to choose from the market. The factors include the type of alarm, the power source, its compatibility with other devices, the cost, and if there are any additional features included with the unit.

Let’s start with the type of alarm – many modern projector alarm clocks now come with the option of playing the radio once the set time is reached. Still, there is the option of letting the clock sound a buzzing sound when the alarm strikes. Some models will even have the Humane Waking System (HWS) as its main alarm system. The HWS is a type of buzzing sound that’ll start with a low volume and then work its way up to a louder volume at set intervals. Additionally, the market also offers projector alarm clocks that vibrate to add additional stimulus as opposed to just relying on audio alone.

After deciding on what type of projector alarm clock to purchase, perhaps the next thing to consider is the power source. Some alarm clocks rely on a cord that will connect the device to an electrical power outlet, whereas there are some units that rely on battery power. On the other hand, some modern alarm clock models will have both rely on electricity and battery power. “How does this work,” you may ask. The clock will rely on electricity as its main power source, but if there is a chance that your location will have a power interruption, then the clock will rely on its backup batteries instead.

Lastly, you might want to consider getting projector alarm clocks with additional features such as allowing you to know the indoor and outdoor temperatures, or perhaps a greater visibility for the projected image as opposed to relying on low-quality models of projector alarm clocks on the market.


For many homeowners, a projector alarm clock is a critical item to have. It’s available in a wide variety of styles, and it can now offer more features as opposed to simply relying on the buzzing or ringing sound the traditional alarm clock makes.

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