Best Pressing Oils

Bothered by a particular hair problem? Whether you’re suffering from dry, weak, brittle, or damaged hair, address your problems instantly through our range of best pressing oils.

Sky Organics Pressing Oil

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil by Sky Organics 16.9 oz- USDA Organic Coconut Oil, Cold-Pressed, Kosher, Cruelty-Free, Color Corrector, Unrefined- Skin Moisturizer, Hair Treatment & Baking

Is your hair color starting to change because of frequent rebonding? Bring back its original color with Sky Organics Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

This pressing oil has a special color corrector component that restores your hair’s natural color, as it replaces lost keratin proteins, which are responsible for hair health and appearance. Surprisingly, you may also apply it on skin to remove dead skin cells, or add it on meals for better food absorption.

This multi-purpose product doesn’t contain any harmful additive. As a matter of fact, it has passed United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)’s safety standards.

Dudley’s Pressing Oil

Dudley's Creme Pressing Oil, 14 Ounce

Is your hair becoming brittle due to extreme outside exposure? Put Dudley’s Crème Pressing Oil on it, every after shower.

This pressing oil has a unique formula that nourishes your hair on the inside, so your hair stays soft and shiny, no matter where you go. It even gives your hair the right amount of protection to prevent damage caused by the sun’s extreme heat, and styling products.

This 14-ounce product measures 1.5 inches long, 0.9 inch wide, and 0.8 inch thick. It’s orange in color, and has a refreshing scent that’ll uplift your tired spirit.

DAX Pressing Oil

Dax Pressing Oil for Hair, 14 Ounce

Is your hair feeling rough and dry? Hydrate it with DAX Pressing Oil to make it bouncy and filled with life again.

This pressing oil is composed of hair moisturizing ingredients to bring back lost fluids that make your hair shiny and bouncy. In fact, it’s a fusion of coconut and castor oils that are believed to protect and revitalize hair, against different forms of damage.

This product measures eight inches long, six inches wide, and four inches thick. You won’t regret it because it revives your hair’s healthy condition against regular hot combing, too.

What to Look For

Hair influences your appearance. While some people are comfortable without it, there are others who consider it as an indispensable element of beauty, especially those in line with the hair styling industry. So, you need to buy a pressing oil according to the following factors, to give it the proper care and maintenance.

  • Damage Repair – If you count yourself as one of those who are normally exposed on the harsh elements outside, apart from the many styling products, you need a pressing oil that “treats” your hair back to its healthy state, and not damage it further.
  • Smoothening – If your hair has a tendency to look messy and frizzy, which might not be a good site to see (especially if you’re not doing it on purpose), get a pressing oil that has a smoothening component, to make your hair smooth to the touch, and easy to comb back in place, for that neat look.
  • Moisturizing – Consider also getting a pressing oil that has a moisturizing ingredient, if your hair’s dry. The common problem of those with dry hair is that their amount of hair oil’s insufficient, which often affects their scalp, making it crack and flake.


Buying a pressing oil with consideration to its hair damage, smoothening, and moisturizing benefits, not only helps you fully eliminate an existing hair problem, but also prevents new ones from arising.

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