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Have you ever wondered how Hollywood A-listers and popular reality stars like the Kardashians keep their nails long and well-shaped? The truth is, most of them have acrylic fake nails attached to their real nails which is why their nails look so perfect. You can have them too if you know where to get the best. Press on nails can be found in most shops, but you need to get the best one in order to have an amazing result. Here are some of the best ones available in the market. You can get them too to get amazing nails.

Makartt Oval Nails Tips Natural Full Cover Acrylic False Nails

Makartt Oval Nails Tips Natural Full Cover Acrylic False Nails 10 Sizes 500pcs For Nail Art

The most popular press on nail product that we found in the market is this one. You get 500 pcs of acrylic false nails for such an affordable price. You can get your nails done at your favorite nail salon shops but if you’re fond of painting your own nails then it’s better to get your own batch of press on nails like this one. You can easily trim and shape this to the right length and shape that you wanted. It’s made of high-quality ABS plastic so you can rely on its durability. Check this out if you’re interested.

Ecbasket Full Cover Natural Color Artificial Nail Tips

Ecbasket 500 Pcs 10 Different Sizes Long Claw Shape Stiletto Full Cover Natural Color Artificial Nail Tips with Box,Gift for Halloween

This is another high-quality set of press on nails that we found in the market. The good thing about this one is it can last for 1 to 3 weeks. It’s that durable and well-made. This is also made of ABS plastic which is known for their strength and durability. The lightweight material can easily be applied to your real nails. It won’t place any pressure to your nails which is a good thing. It doesn’t have any plastic smell and it’s not made of toxic materials. You can also shape it in any way you wanted.

Kiss Products Full Cover Nails

Kiss Products 100 Full Cover Nails, Active Oval, 0.24 Pound

Another great press on nail product that we found in the market is this one. It contains 100 press on nails that you can use for yourself or you can use for your customers if you’re a nail artist yourself. This press on nails can last for seven days. The pack also includes a glue that’s perfect for an easy and successful application. The good thing about this product is it’s super easy to apply. It has the perfect material that makes it easy to file and shape the way you wanted it to be.


In order for you to achieve that perfect set of nails, you need to use the best press on nail. You might be more familiar with it as acrylic fake nails, but they’re relatively the same product. It’s important to check the quality of the product before purchasing. Make sure it’s made of high-quality material that can last for a long time. It should be easy to apply and can stick on your nails for days. It’s best to get one one that has the perfect size that suits your nails.

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