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Gone are the days when the only options for bringing wonderful fragrances into the room are air fresheners and candles. Nowadays, we have potpourri for that. These potpourris aren’t just going to bring high-quality fragrances but can also be used for decorating the room you’re going to place it in so it doesn’t look so obvious. These potpourris were made with essential oils to help the fragrances last longer with the same consistency from the start. The list below shows the top 3 potpourris in the market that people love and have rated quite highly. You might like one product.

Hosley Candle Company Cinnamon Potpourri

If you’re looking for a great potpourri that won’t just give the room a pleasant fragrance but also be a great decoration, Hosley offers you one of its most-reviewed potpourris. This potpourri gives off an apple cinnamon fragrance in the air that will make it seem like you’re in a spa or somewhere else. It’s great to use for aromatherapy, meditation, and even in bathrooms. It’s been incorporated with natural oils that will give off a high fragrance to make the fragrance last long enough. It’s made from naturally dried flowers and high-quality essential oils. Each package contains 4 bags.

Hosley International Lavender Potpourri

If you don’t like apple or cinnamon that much, Hosley also offers a Lavender potpourri. It’s fragranced and infused with essential oils that will help make the fragrance last longer. This is also made from naturally dried Lavenders and other organic oils to help retain the fragrance within the room. This is also such a great product t use for weddings and other events. You can also use this for aromatherapy, reiki, meditation, and bathrooms. Each bag contains 4 ounces of potpourri that will definitely last longer than you expect. So if you want a great Lavender fragrance, buy this.

HG Global Eucalyptus Mint Chunky Potpourri

If you still don’t like both the Apple-Cinnamon combo and Lavender potpourri, Hosley offers a different kind of potpourri this time. It’s Eucalyptus Mint that will add crispness to the air in the room you’ll place it in. This will not add bring such a wonderful fragrance into the room but can also be used as decorations that will make the room even classier. It’s also great for meditation and aromatherapy. Like the other two products, this is also made with essential oils and natural plants to produce a long-lasting and high-quality fragrance all day long. Though, it’s more expensive.

What to look for

These potpourris are not very different from each other. They all serve a purpose and somehow the only thing different about them is their fragrance and design. Here are several things you need to consider when buying a potpourri:

  • Fragrance – it’s important that you’ll be able to find a potpourri that gives off a fragrance that you like and can tolerate the whole time it’s there. It’s also important that if you find something you like, other people in your place, if there are any, like and can tolerate the fragrance, too. Make sure you find something that can make you handle the intensity of the smell.
  • Design – though it’s not a very important aspect, it still matters because you’re going to place these potpourris in the room and you’re going to have to find a way to make them blend in or at least use them as additional decorations. If you’re going to use them for events, make sure that the design will be compatible with the theme or motif.
  • Lifespan – check up on how low these potpourris can last and see if they’re worth purchasing. Some of these last while some others immediately lose their smell in such a short time.


Not only do these potpourris give your place a wonderful smell, they’re also such a great addition to decoration if you know how to use them well. These potpourris are infused with essential oils that will probably help you with your meditation and aromatherapy. Though the products above are only from Hosley, there are several products in the market that you can choose from. They’re not just great but also useful for you.

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