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Using the best potato ricer lets you make the fluffiest and smoothest mashed potato you’ll ever taste. It appears like a giant garlic press and works in the same manner. Chances are you might discard this device as a luxury. However, your hands will be thankful for the convenience it provides. Compared to using a masher or fork, the best potato ricer is easier and more comfortable to use.

If you’re interested in the potato ricer but not sure how to shop for one, we feature the top products in this category to bring you up-to-date.

RSVP Potato Ricer and Baby Food Strainer

The RSVP Potato Ricer and Baby Food Strainer lets you enjoy mashed potatoes even on a weekly basis. Its design simplifies the process. Thus, you get a smooth dish in no time at all. Indeed, working on 10 potatoes is a breeze with this product.

Its contoured handles make it comfortable to grip. Plus, you don’t need to hold it up in the air as you push down. The pot extension on the hopper lets you rest the device on the edge of a container. This guarantees every drop falls into place.

The RSVP Potato Ricer and Baby Food Strainer comes with two interchangeable stainless steel blades. Take your pick from coarse and medium. The product measures 13.5 x 4.5 x 3.8 inches and weighs 1.5 pounds. Apart from potatoes, you can also use the RSVP Potato Ricer and Baby Food Strainer to strain spinach and mash squash too.

Bellemain Stainless Steel Potato Ricer

With the Bellemain Stainless Steel Potato Ricer, you’ll feel like a professional chef in your own home. This product lets you do more than just create mashed potatoes. Thus, more reasons for you to add it to your kitchen arsenal. Use it to make fresh baby food, pierogis, and gnocchi.

The Bellemain Stainless Steel Potato Ricer features contoured handles. Its bent shape makes it easier to push out more potato in one press. So, you won’t feel sore after using it. To make sure your hard work doesn’t go to waste, it features a non-slip knob that rests solidly on a bowl.

Each purchase of the Bellemain Stainless Steel Potato Ricer comes with three interchangeable discs to achieve your desired texture. Bellemain stands by its product and offers a 100% Be Amazed Guarantee. You’ll receive a no questions asked refund in the event you’re not satisfied with their product.

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Potato Ricer

You’ll achieve perfection with the OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Potato Ricer. Thus, you can enjoy freshly made mashed vegetables and fruits anytime you want. It’s also the ideal tool to prepare cooked apples and carrots for the best homemade baby food.

The ergonomic design of the OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Potato Ricer guarantees a comfortable hold as you press. Its handles are slip-proof even when wet. So you don’t have to worry that it’ll slip off your wet hands.

A cushioned knob at the edge of the hopper helps keep the ricer in place as you work. Simply place it on the edge of a bowl or pot then press. The product measures 11.9 x 3.5 x 4 inches and weighs 1.5 pounds. The OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Potato Ricer is also dishwasher safe.

What to look for

Shopping for the best potato ricer is easier if you take into account these factors. Each factor highlights a quality that you need to consider when shopping for this particular product. By doing so, you’ll be able to use it soon to prepare your favorite potato dishes and more.

  • Material – The best materials to choose for your potato ricer is either stainless steel or food grade silicone. To begin with, both are easier to clean than other materials. These are also dishwasher safe. When you’re done using the potato ricer, it’s best to wash off excess food particles so they don’t harden. Once it does, then it’ll be harder to clean afterward.
  • Consistency – Consider a product that offers a variety of consistency settings. This allows you to customize the texture according to your personal taste. You can choose fine, medium, or coarse.
  • Design – An ergonomically designed potato ricer makes it easier for you to handle. The grip should offer a non-slip hold as you press on it to push the potato through the holes. It’s also best to check the number of holes. More holes make your job faster and easier as more potato comes out with one push. Ideally, look for one with a hole in the handle. This is helpful if you have small kitchen drawers. You can simply hang it up.


You’ll be able to enjoy fresh, homemade mashed potatoes with the best potato ricer sooner by considering these factors while shopping. Consider the type of material you want. Decide the type of consistency you want to achieve using this product.

Assess the design to make sure it’s easy to use. Moreover, it’s comfortable to handle and easy to take care of. To help you further, remember to check out these top products in this category. Maybe one of these has the qualities you’re looking for in the best potato ricer.

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