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If you’re familiar with a portable CD player then you probably lived through the 90’s. It’s a privilege to have your own portable CD player during that time, something the new generations won’t understand. It seems like, hard for you to believe, CD players have now been grouped together with cassette tapes and cassette players. For whatever reason you might have for wanting to purchase your own portable CD player, it’s better you get the best one for its price. Here are some of the best portable CD player you can get on the market.

Insignia Portable CD Player with Skip Protection

This is a best-selling portable CD player that you can use to listen to your music from your favorite CDs of all time. Anywhere you go you can enjoy listening to your favorite tracks from your favorite album with this. This CD player provides you with 60 seconds of skip protection for an uninterrupted music listening that you can enjoy. You can use this to play your usual CD, CD-R, and even your CD-RW discs. When you purchase this you also get free headphones. The price is pretty reasonable for such a durable product that you can enjoy.

GPX PC332B Portable CD Player with Anti-Skip Protection, FM Radio, and Stereo Earbuds

Another portable CD player you might want to consider getting is this best-selling product. It also has an anti-skip protection feature so you can be sure that your CDs won’t go crazy on your and skip some tracks when you’re listening to your CDs. You also get free earbuds when you get this product. The portable design makes it easy for you to carry it around anywhere. You can place this in your small bag or backpack. The volume control of this CD player utilizes analog volume control which is reminiscent of the old version.

Coby Portable Compact CD Player

Another portable CD player you can check is this cool-looking one from Coby. It has a slim design that you might recognize released by the later years of CD player developments. The compact design makes it easy for you to place this inside your bag or pack. Unlike the older versions, this one has a digital LCD display. You can search through the tracks of your CD that you wanted to listen to easily. The volume control of this product is now digital, unlike the analog ones in the past. You also get a 3.5 mm headphone jack for your headphones.


Listening to your CD anywhere and anytime is made possible with the use of the best portable CD player. It’s better to choose an amazing portable CD player that you can use for very long time. It’s better to have one with an anti-skip feature so you can continuously listen to your CD without any mishaps. Even though CD players aren’t that popular today since there are online music stores and online music streaming available, listening music via old-school style is still cool.

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