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When you take a look at radio DJs or popular Internet video streaming icons, they have a piece of “tray” right in front of their microphones. This item is called a pop filter, and it is a simple piece of equipment with a straightforward job – to block out the unwanted noise coming from around the mic area. Also, it blocks the spit coming from the singer, radio DJ, or streamer’s mouth. If you’re about to get into the world of music, radio DJ-ing, or online video streaming, then you need the best pop filter to go with your microphone.

Dragonpad USA Pop filter

The Dragonpad USA Pop filter is an economical solution for microphones plagued with plenty of air blasts in the immediate area. If you have this particular model, it’ll help you get the best vocal recordings as possible. The entire pop filter is easy to use, and its convenient design makes it portable and compact. It even has a swivel mount that’s easy to install. This filter can also protect your microphone from the occasional spits.

On Stage Foam Ball-Type Mic Windscreen

The On Stage Foam Ball-Type Mic Windscreen protects handheld microphones from wind interference and spit. It has a construction made for handheld microphones. This particular filter is available on the market in three different colors, namely black, blue, and red. Unfortunately, it can’t be used for headset microphones.

Nady MPF-2 Microphone Pop Filter

The Nady MPF-2 Microphone Pop Filter has a double layer mesh to protect the microphone from occasional spits from your mouth, as well as give vocal recordings a wind-free quality it deserves. This pop filter also comes with a universal clamp that can easily attach to just about any microphone stand styles. It also has a durable gooseneck holder that has a 360-degree swivel.

What to Look For?

The first thing that you’ll notice when selecting a pop filter from the market is its price tag. Most pop filters on the market are reasonably cheap. Some are even so inexpensive that you wouldn’t mind an impulsive buy. However, it doesn’t mean that just because it’s cheap that you don’t have to look at any other factors to consider.

Remember, cheap doesn’t always mean it’s automatically better as low price tags also mean inexpensive materials used in its production. As such, if you’re not too careful, that very cheap pop filter you just bought might break in about a week of use.

Aside from the price, you might want to look at some additional features that come with the product. Some pop filters will directly latch onto your microphone while other models will have a flexible stand so you can move the device in any way that you want for added flexibility.

If you continue your search to the midrange and higher-ends of the market, you’ll find some pop filters that might pique your interests even more than just looking at cheap models. For example, some variants will have two screens to help block out more unwanted noise. The first screen can block the air blasts coming from the immediate area and from the user’s mouth, and the second will try and disperse any remaining air pressure to properly contain any air blasts that might escape the first screen.


There are some pop filters that are found to have single digit price tags, whereas others have double digits. However, don’t just look at the price point of the item; aim for considering all possible factors when selecting the right pop filter for your needs. In doing so, you’ll have a product that’s definitely worth every cent spent on it.

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