Best Pool Table Lighting

Have you tried playing pool in complete darkness? Well, if you haven’t then it’s not going to be a pretty sight (no pun intended). Body parts will be poked, balls won’t go inside pockets, and players might even bump into each other. It’s in this context that you should know the absolute importance of having good pool table lighting in your game room. With such a lighting fixture, you’re going to illuminate the room, players, floor, and everything within the immediate vicinity. With it, you now have a clear shot of the ball to go into the pocket without worry of hitting somebody with the billiard stick in the process.

Iszy Billiards Pool Table Light

The Iszy Billiards Pool Table Light is a 3-light fixture with a 14-inch length. It has a billiard motif which will look great in any game room with a pool table in it. The package includes all the necessary mounting hardware, and it even comes with instructions to help you properly install it. It’s recommended to use this pool table lighting above billiard tables of 7 to 8 feet.

LITFAD Industrial Vintage Retro Linear Chandelier

Industrial Vintage Retro Linear Chandelier - LITFAD 35'' Wide Edison Metal Hanging Ceiling Light Gorgeous Pendant Light Island Light Fixture Black Finish with 3 Lights

The LITFAD Industrial Vintage Retro Linear Chandelier has a fixture height of 5.91-inches and a fixture width of 33.45-inches. Its chain length is 70.87-inches and know that this element is adjustable. Some reviewers around the Internet mentioned that the installation of this pool table lighting fixture is quick and easy.

Trademark Gameroom Three Shade Gameroom Lamp

The Trademark Gameroom Three Shade Gameroom Lamp has a hanging chain design and the lighting fixture has a brass support structure. The lights are surrounded by durable polyresin shades. Interested buyers of this pool table lighting should know that this is a 110-volt compatible unit. It means that any load higher than that figure and you risk blowing the fuse inside the unit.

What to Look For?

Like with just about any product on the market, you’ll have many options when choosing the right pool table light. However, the right light needs to be placed above an appropriately-sized table. For instance, a 3.5 x 7-foot table should have a minimum a 3-light fixture hanging above it, or one that’s 35 to 55-inches in length. For pool tables with 4 x 6-feet in length, it should have three to four lights hanging above it, or one light source that’s at least 40 to 60-inches in length.

After knowing the right size for your pool table light, the next thing to consider is the style. Of course, you want the pool table light to go well with the design of your game room. Some notable pool table light designs that are on the market include tiffany-styled, modern-styled, and contemporary-styled billiard table lights.


Now that you’ve taken a look at some excellent examples of pool table lights on the market, you’ll now know what to get for your game room. We hope that this short guide assisted you in bringing you to a sound conclusion as to what would be the best pool table lighting for your needs.


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