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If you’re fond of playing billiards, then most likely you’re familiar with the necessary equipment to play the game. Aside from the ball that you’re going to hit and pocket as well as the board itself, the pool cue is your weapon and best friend in the game. From speed control to power and aim, the pool cue holds the secret to unlocking your full potential when it comes to playing billiards. If you’re planning to buy a pool cue, you might be overwhelmed what to get due to countless products displayed. In this case, we checked the best pool cue out there for you.

Trademark Global Billiard Cue

For the best pool cue, it’s about being comfortable once held to allow for better power and precision. With the Trademark Global Billiard Cue, you can unlock your full potential or further your existing skills thanks to its compatibility to both professional and beginners alike. The Trademark Global Billiard Cue comes in different designs but the main outfit of it comes from the stylish hard wood cue along with 2 pc with the case for protection. Yep, it’s a 2 piece cue with brass joints to provide the user a guaranteed straightness of the stick despite the length.

Viper Commercial 1-Piece Hardwood Billiard Pool House Cue

If you want length flexibility when it comes to pool cues, you might want to consider the next product. With the Viper Commercial 1-Piece Hardwood Billiard Pool House Cue, you’re able to purchase a pool cue that matches your arm lengths thanks to its wide size selection – size starts at 36-inch with the longest extending up to 57-inch. The Viper Commercial 1-Piece Hardwood Billiard Pool House Cue is constructed from hardwood. It’s coated with 9 layers of varnish for that shiny finish for preventing warpage. It also comes with a 13mm Le Pro leather trip and an ABS bumper.

Viper Junior 2-Piece Billiard Pool Cue

If you’re looking for a lightweight pool cue, no need to look elsewhere as the next product can offer that for you. The Viper Junior 2-Piece Billiard Pool Cue is a very lightweight pool cue that makes it perfect for women or young players wanting to play the game with its 16-ounce cue weight. The Viper Junior 2-Piece Billiard Pool Cue is available in 6 styles with all being constructed from the ever-popular very durable Canadian Maple wood. It’s a 2-piece pool cue which provides portability and transportability. Also, it comes with ABS joins for consistent playing experience.

What to Look For

If you’re planning to start playing pool or billiards, you’ll want to have your own pool cue as you don’t want to use the stock pool cue that you’ll be provided with on the nearest arcade. It’s heavy and it’s sometimes dirty. If you’re starting out, make sure that you’ll get a lightweight pool cue with a shorter length for easier control during the game. And since you’re going to bring your own pool cue, might as well get a 2-piece pool cue feature that lets you dismantle it in half for easy transportation and storage.

If you’re a professional, we guess it’s going to come down to the feeling of actually using one.


A pool cue is basically a stick that you use to strike the ball when playing pool or billiards. There are tons of them out there which makes buying one that’ll suit your needs a bit overwhelming. In this case, you might want to consider the weight, length, and dismantlability of the pool cue. But regardless of all that, the best pool cue is the Trademark Global Billiard Cue.

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