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Men are gifted with bare hands. Hands are gentle enough to put your baby to sleep all the while being strong enough to take care of heavy workload. However, despite the polar characteristics, there are things that simply the hands can’t do. This type of things involves playing with the tiniest parts of a thing. In this case, we humans tend to use pliers for the job to get done. With the use of pliers, even the smallest screw isn’t safe from it. If you’re looking for pliers to use, lucky you as we round up the best pliers in town.

TEKTON 3576 Internal External Snap Ring Pliers Set

For the best pliers, it’s about catering to your every need as well as other possible future needs that you might encounter. The TEKTON 3576 Internal External Snap Ring Pliers Set answer to your every need thanks to its wide variety from the set. The TEKTON 3576 Internal External Snap Ring Pliers Set includes 6-inch of one of every kind – internal and external bent tip and a straight tip. The best pliers feature heat treated high-carbon steel combined with drop forged for the most durable pliers. It further comes with cushioned non-slip handle grips and self-opening spring-loaded handles for ease of use.

RWIN Tools VISE-GRIP Pliers Ergonomic Multi Plier

If comfort is what you seek then the next product will surely suit your need. The RWIN Tools VISE-GRIP Pliers Ergonomic Multi Plier is unlike any other plier out there due to its unique nose construction that provides an ergonomic use for the user. With its 8-inch length, the RWIN Tools VISE-GRIP Pliers Ergonomic Multi Plier has a 62-degree angled head which reduces wrist strain all the while providing a natural feel of the pliers. The package already includes a spanner, wire crimper, and wire stripper. Moreover, it comes with 3-component molded contoured handle grip for accurate cutting.

Stanley 84-096 Needle Nose Plier

If your job is just to cut off thin wires and metals, the next product will be enough for that. Unlike the first two, the Stanley 84-096 Needle Nose Plier is made for one task only but it makes sure it gets the job done. The Stanley 84-096 Needle Nose Plier is available up to 5 packs. The Stanley 84-096 Needle Nose Plier features long tempered jaws for areas that are hard to reach. Durability-wise, you’re getting a forged steel constructed plier with rust resistant finish to go with. Comfort-wise, you’re getting it from double-dipped handles for a soft touch.

What to Look For

For craftsman and handyman, they’ll never go out without their pliers, in terms of job, of course. It’s one of the most sought and used the tool when it comes to their job. Even when you’re at home and you’re planning to tinker an appliance, chances are you’re going to use pliers. Simply because things are made with the smallest screws. And we can never blame manufacturers for that. So, in case you’re out there looking for pliers that should help you in whatever you’re planning to do, you should heed some of our guidelines.

Since pliers come in different forms, you should know first what you’re going to use it for. Pliers can cut through the thickest and thinnest wires and metals. If you have a wide need for it, better get a set of pliers. But in case you’re dealing with the smallest and thinnest things, match it with the pliers or vice versa.


Pliers serve as one of the must-have tools for craftsman, handyman, and even non-professionals. In this case, the best pliers is the TEKTON 3576 Internal External Snap Ring Pliers Set.

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