Best Pinpointer Metal Detector

A metal detector is a useful tool that can detect the presence of metal hidden in an object or even underground. This is used by bounty hunters searching for precious artifacts on the ground and on any surface. Metal detectors such as a pinpointer metal detector are also used to detect the presence of metal on people going in and out of a restricted establishment such as inside the prison and other areas under strict security screening. This is also used for detecting the presence of bombs and other metallic objects on the ground used by the army and police.

Bounty Hunter Pinpointer

This is the most popular product on the market. Although this is widely known, it’s not a highly rated one and there seem to be mixed reviews about the product. The range of the metal detection this product has isn’t the best there is, but for its price, it’s pretty decent. The portable design makes it easy for you to bring along, but when it comes to its performance this isn’t the top of the line. If your budget is somehow limited and you’re not really looking for a wide range metal detector then this will suit your needs.

Garrett 1140900 Pro-Pointer AT Waterproof Pinpointing Metal Detector

If you’re willing to invest in a high-quality metal detector with a highly sensitive sensor that can detect metallic objects even from afar then this is the perfect product for you to choose. This actually has a wide range of metal detection up to 10 feet of range. Its heavy-duty construction is even waterproof so you can use it rain or shine. This pinpointer metal detector can detect even the tiniest metal out there, even small nuggets and even smaller metal objects. You can even choose the sensitivity level of metal detection that you needed for precise metal detection.

Bounty Hunter QSIGWP Quick Silver Metal Detector with Pin Pointer

Another amazing pinpointer metal detector that you need to check out is another product from Bounty Hunter. Unlike the first product, this one has good reviews and high ratings from people who were able to use it first-hand. This product has an upgraded design with added metal detecting features for accurate and precise metal detection. You won’t experience any false signals from this device thanks to its automatic ground balance. It comes with tone audio feedback and an LCD display informing you of the distance of the metallic object. It’s easy to use and easy to handle too.


For whatever purpose you might have in getting a pinpointer metal detector it’s better to get the best there is. Using the best pinpointer metal detector ensures that you get to find even the tiniest metal detection at such a wide range. It should be able to detect small to big metals on any surface. It’s better to have one with a highly sensitive metal detection system that you can adjust. You have to keep in mind your budget range too since there are highly expensive, heavy-duty ones and there are also pretty decent ones at such a low price.

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