Best Pinking Shears

Nowadays, we’re looking for things that can be multi-functional and useful like pinking shears. These shears can be used for fabric, lining, or craft uses. They’re also very affordable so they’re ideal products to have in your home. These pinking shears have also been innovated to help you make zigzag patterns with ease. They’re affordable and convenient to have at home, so you should definitely purchase one just in case. The list below shows the top 3 pinking shears that got the most reviews and high ratings.

Fiskars Pinking Shears

This pair of pinking shears from Fiskars has a feature that sets it apart from other shears in the market. Though it’s more expensive, you will find this worth every penny.

These pinking shears are made from high-grade stainless steel blades that are rust-resistant and long-lasting. These blades will help you cut easily all the way to the tip. These pinking shears are ideal for cutting zigzag patterns on fabric edges. With this, you can limit the length of the frayed threads and prevent unraveling. You can keep the edges of your fabric clean and crisp. It’s designed with an extended lower blade to make it easy to lift the fabric for more precise cuts.

P.Lotor Pinking Shears

This affordable pair of pinking shears from P.Lotor is specially designed for people who want to have a comfortable grip on their pair. It also has a unique feature to it that will be unique from others.

These 9.3-inch long pinking shears are made of durable stainless steel serrated blades that will resist rust and last long, even with heavy-duty use. These are ideal for zigzag cutting. The blades are also The handles are anatomically designed to give you a soft grip that won’t hurt your either your left or right hand, even with prolonged uses. The ball bearing joint help with precision and smooth cutting action on the fabric. You can also use this on lining, paper, and craft uses. These are also lightweight so you have enough control and you won’t feel too tired from holding it for longer periods of time.

ZXUY Pinking Shears

Looking for really sharp scissors? ZXUY pinking shears are very sharp to the tip and don’t need oiling very often. It’s also one of the cheapest pinking shears in the market.

This pair of pinking shears is suitable for fabrics, linings, paper, and craft uses. It has double ground edges that will provide precise cutting to help you achieve a clean and crisp cut through your material. They’re not too heavy and not too light and can do heavy-duty tasks. With this, you’re sure that this product will last longer than its price may suggest. You also won’t have a hard time because they’re designed to be sharp and help you cut really easily through any material. For a cheaper price, you wouldn’t expect this to be very useful.

What to look for

Not all pinking shears work well enough to last in our tool box. Some of these are not worth it because they easily break down, rust, or don’t cut the way we want it to. So, to help you get the right pair that will be worth it, here are the things you need to look out for:

  • Material – these pair of pinking shears have to be made, ideally, of stainless steel because this material is rust-resistant and long-lasting.
  • Handle – the handle must also be comfortable enough for you to hold, especially for longer periods of time. The handle must also be compatible with either the left or right hand, so you can switch if the current hands get tired.
  • Blades – the blades have to be sharp enough to cut through any kind of fabric. The blades shouldn’t require frequent oiling so it wouldn’t be inconvenient for you in the long run.


Although pinking shears are ideally used for fabrics, they have innovated to be useful for other things as well. With this, the market for pinking shears have become more competitive with different designs. Despite this, choose pinking shears that you will want to keep around the house because of its usefulness and quality.

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