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Want to play pinball but can’t find it anywhere, even in an amusement park? Before you give up, bring out your phone and download our best pinball app recommendations instead, to fill your longingness on the game.

Zen Studios Pinball App

Looking for a pinball game that has a heroic vibe? Turn to Zen Studios Zen Pinball for a quick fix.

This pinball app features the well-known Marvel pinball series that’ll surely keep you entertained for hours. If you’re already bored with the usual pinball game mechanics, it’s a great alternative because it gives a superhero twist to tried-and-tested strategies to win the game.

This product runs the 1.26 version and consumes 47.6 MB to 48.1 MB of your mobile device’s memory. With it, you may also compete with other online players in obtaining the highest score.

FarSight Studios Pinball App

Missing the old-school pinball tables on game cafes because you no longer see them? Bring back good memories with FarSight Studios Pinball Arcade.

This pinball app perfectly mimics the looks of famous traditional pinball tables from; Williams, Bally, Stern Pinball, and Gottieb. It even has the exact sound effects to fully satisfy your pinball craving.

This product runs the 2.13.1 version and takes 86.6 MB of your mobile device’s storage. You may also access its special content on Tales of the Arabian Nights for endless gaming.

GreenCod Apps LTD. Pinball App

Want to know if you’ll still win on a pinball game by using a different strategy? Test your wits on GreenCod Apps LTD. Pinball Deluxe.

This pinball app is composed of three different tables; carnival, space, and underwater, to help you come up with your unique strategy of winning the game. Don’t worry because you’ll still feel at home with its sound and shaking effects, that’s similar to traditional pinball.

This product runs on 1.6.9 version and consumes 22.5 MB of your mobile device’s storage. It also contains mini game extras for additional entertainment.

What to Look For

Being able to play the usual pinball online is an ideal substitute for new yet boring video games. But to do this, you have to download the pinball game that’s right for you, with the following considerations.

  • Clear Graphics – A pinball app must have clear graphics. Of course, you won’t be able to fully appreciate its beauty, if you’re having a hard time playing it, due to a poor visual display.
  • Old-School Effects – A pinball app must still exhibit the old-school sound and vibration effects like its traditional counterpart, so you’ll feel as if you’re completely immersed in the game. Besides, the fun is never complete without the occasional buzzing and shaking.
  • Gaming Style Variations – A pinball app must also have game style variations that give players different options on how they would like to play and win the game. After all, nothing beats the feeling of self- accomplishment after performing a little mind exercise.


Getting a pinball app that has clear graphics, old-school effects, and gaming style variations, not only captures the game’s original concept but also gives it a new yet exciting twist.

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