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Sleeping on a clean pillow is everything, for most people. Who would want to lie down on a dirty, smelly pillow? That would be a recipe for breakouts on your face. You’d want to wake up from a good sleep fresh and clean. The best way to keep your pillow clean and crisp is to use the best pillow protector. There are amazing pillow protectors out there that can protect your pillow from sweat, accidental spills, germs and even mites. With this, you can be sure to get the proper sleep that you need.

LINENSPA Premium Pillow Protector 

The most popular pillow protector that we found in the market is this reasonably priced one from Linenspa. This is made of 100% waterproof material so you can be sure that it can retain any spillage, perspiration or other forms of liquid that might come across it. It’s quite soft and luxurious to the skin and even those with the most sensitive skin will love to use this. This actually has hypoallergenic fabric that’s good for sensitive skin. The fabric isn’t too thick or thin. It’s just the perfect thickness that can cover your pillow well and protect you from any bacteria and microorganism.

The good thing about this product is it can actually block mites as well as allergens. Even if you have a pet at home, you can be sure that this won’t accumulate all the dander that they have which can irritate your nasal passage and cause allergies. This product is made of high-quality fabric. Even the zipper of this pillow protector is well-made and not the cheap kind. Washing and taking care of this pillow protector is hassle-free and easy. You can check this product out and see for yourself how amazing this is. No wonder a lot of people recommend this product.

LUCID Premium Hypoallergenic 100% Waterproof Pillow Protector 

LUCID Premium Hypoallergenic 100% Waterproof Pillow Protector - 15 Year Warranty - Vinyl Free - Standard Size, Set of 2

This is another best-selling pillow protector that we’d like to introduce to you. This vinyl-free and hypoallergenic pillow protector are guaranteed to give you a comfortable and relaxing sleep without worrying about allergens, perspiration, dirt, and mites on your pillow. This product is also made of 100% waterproof fabric so even if you accidentally spill water or other beverage on your pillow, it won’t soak through and make your pillow smell. If you wash this, though, it can thoroughly be cleaned especially when you pop this in your washing machine for convenience’s sake.

Unlike other pillow protectors, this is noiseless. It’s quite comfortable to use too which is amazing. The fabric itself is made of the softest cotton that’s skin-loving and won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin. It has a polyurethane backing which actually helps keep any allergy-causing mites and dust from getting in contact with your pillow. You can be sure that you won’t suffer from allergies when you use this product. This pillow protector is safe for children and pets to use. With the breathable thickness of this pillow protector, you can be sure your pillow won’t become smelly.

Allersoft Cotton Dust Mite & Bed Bug Control Standard Pillow Protector

This is another best-selling pillow protector that’s going to be a great addition to your bed. The price is very affordable and for its quality which is a great value indeed. In order to keep your pillow well-protected, this pillow protector has a full zipper to ensure that no mites or dust can get inside your pillow to cause you allergies. It has an auto locking zipper system to ensure that your pillow is well-protected. Bed bugs and other forms of allergens can’t get inside your pillow to cause you allergens.

The good thing about this product is it’s made 100% cotton that’s breathable so your pillow can stay clean and fresh. It won’t smell either since this can prevent bacteria proliferation and perspiration won’t stick on it for long. This provides an effective barrier to ensure that your pillow is clean and fresh each time you lay your head on it. It’ll give you all the comfort that you deserve each time you use your pillow. It’s great that you can experience comfort and protection in a pillow protector. This can fit any standard-size pillow that you have. If you’re prone to allergy then it’s better to use this.


If you frequently get allergies and you’ve exhausted your efforts finding the culprit behind it, then maybe it’s your pillow. You need to use the best pillow protector to make sure that no dust, mites, bacteria and other forms of allergen can stick on it and cause your allergies. There are comfortable and soft pillow protectors that are specially made for people with sensitive skin. It’s better to choose one just like that. It should also have a fabric that can repel water perfectly in case you spill a beverage on it which can discolor your pillow and make it smelly.

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