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If you’re a serious camper or would just like to enjoy every bit of your trip to the great outdoors, then you always need a blanket that’ll allow you to rest your tired feet without having to get inside your tent. With a good picnic blanket, you can even gaze upon the stars while also making sure that the food you prepared won’t touch the ground. We’ve created this short guide to help you decide on the best picnic blanket for your specific requirements. Take note that the right picnic blanket is just as important as any other essential item in your box of picnic-related equipment.

Camco 42805 Handy Mat

The Camco 42805 Handy Mat is a picnic blanket with built-in handles to make for easy transport, and it even comes with conveniently placed pockets on both sides of the product. Interested buyers can choose from two measurements, namely 60 x 78-inches and 72 x 108-inches. There are also three designs to choose from, them being blue and green, green and red, and green and turquoise.

Extra Large Picnic & Outdoor Blanket

The Extra Large Picnic & Outdoor Blanket is made with a premium and extra durable construction, which makes it a prime choice for many who’re looking for picnic blankets that won’t get destroyed easily. It’s machine washable and it’s also very easy to maintain. The top of the blanket has a very comfortable 220 gsm 100% polar fleece, whereas you’ll take advantage of a reinforced polyester backing underneath the product.

DII Rustic Farmhouse Cotton Blanket

Choose from a broad range of designs when you select the DII Rustic Farmhouse Cotton Blanket as your next picnic blanket. This product has a 100% cotton construction, and its quality lies in its details. It’s also quite versatile as you can use throw blankets to keep yourself warm at night.

What to Look For?

Albeit most picnic blankets roughly serve the same purpose, not every model on the market is the same. Consider the material when looking at picnic blankets that are used in the construction of the product. There’ s wool, fleece, and cotton, just to name a few, and each of these materials have their own unique sets of pros and cons.

Let’s talk about wool picnic blankets first; these picnic blankets deliver a warmth unlike any other material on the market. Therefore, it’s an ideal choice if you’re going on an outdoor adventure that has a cold climate. If by any chance the wool blanket does become wet from rain or other liquids, then you’d be happy to know that the wetness can be trapped between the fibers. Hence, these don’t soak up water or moisture unlike some of the other possible materials used in the construction of a picnic blanket.

As for fleece picnic blankets, it mimics many of the wool’s properties as it’s great for trapping some moisture between its fibers. However, it’s not as effective at trapping air and moisture in between its fibers as compared to wool. Nonetheless, it still does a pretty good job at doing it. Due to its lack of performance, many fleece picnic blankets are also slightly cheaper as compared to wool blankets.

Next, there’s cotton, and it’s perhaps one of the most comfortable materials to be used on a picnic blanket. However, there’s one major downside to it and that it can absorb water, and a lot of it. It can get very heavy if you forget to put it inside your tent and it suddenly rains outside.


Picnic blankets have many applications that’ll make your outdoor adventure have even more fun and comfortable than initially intended. It can help you stay warm, stay clean and dry, and improve the overall comfort of the trip.

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