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For us humans, having a pet inside our home is like having a partner or a family member already. Even though you’re not communicating via the common tongue, there’s still interaction that seems to be only the two of you can understand. However, when it’s time for work, you still have to keep an eye on him to prevent your pet from doing crazy things or reminding them to eat, among others. In this case, you need a pet camera to keep your pet in check. Get the best pet camera out there and now and keep tabs on your lovely dog, cat, or whatever it is.

Wansview Home Camera

For the best pet camera, it’s about providing the best surveillance tool for your pet. With the use of Wansview Home Camera, you won’t be missing too much from your pet. The Wansview Home Camera comes available in black and white colors only. An outstanding feature for the Wansview Home Camera is the presence of night vision optics. Moreover, it’s connected via Wi-Fi so it can be placed anywhere as long as there’s strong reception of Wi-Fi signal from your router. For the camera, it comes with wide vision display set at 720p resolution or HD. With night vision in tow, it’s a great one for morning and night time surveillance.

Petcube Play Pet Camera

Petcube Play

If you want a pet camera wherein it’s not obtrusive in design, perhaps you might want to try the next product. For the Petcube Play Pet Camera, it seems to be the most compact pet camera with intricate features. The Petcube Play Pet Camera, though simple from the outside, packs tons of great features. The video can shoot at a wide angle view of 138-degrees with night vision in tow and 3x digital zoom to go along – all that while being shot at 1080p resolution or FHD. The laser toy allows for the cat to play with it while the 2-way audio allows for both to communicate.

Petzi Treat Cam

Petzi Treat Cam: Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser

If you want your pet to be kept at bay while providing something remotely for them in return for doing a good job, you might want to get the next product for that. With the use of Petzi Treat Cam, not only you’re able to see your pet even you’re miles away, you can also send them a treat with its treat dispenser. The Petzi Treat Cam comes in color white only but despite the tired looks, it’s fun and easy to use for the owner. What made the Petzi Treat Cam great is the capability to connect to mobile devices such as Android and IOS.


A pet camera is basically used to keep an eye out on your pet, if you’re looking for one then you need to check the quality of the video if you can even see your pet. Then, check the 2-way communication radio if it’s available. With that said, the best pet camera is the Wansview Home Camera.

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