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There are a lot of uses for a pencil. Since we were young we’ve learned to value pencils. You were able to learn how to do your letters, write your numbers and learned your language. Even as adults we still use pencils for school and even for work. Sharpening your pencils takes a lot of effort if you don’t use the best pencil sharpener. Here we’ve gathered some of the best ones available in the market. You can choose which one suits your preference and needs.

Prismacolor Scholar Pencil Sharpener

The most popular and best-selling pencil sharpener that we found in the market is this one and for a good reason. This is high-quality and heavy duty pencil sharpener that can sharpen your pencil perfectly. It’ll give your pencils perfect pointed ends each time that’s not only efficient but satisfying to see. The steel blade actually sharpens your pencils gently without causing damage to the pencil. It’ll give you smooth edges each time. It has a compact design that makes it easy for you to fit it inside your pencil case or other containers.

X-ACTO SchoolPro Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener

This is another best-selling pencil sharpener that’s recommended by a lot of people. This heavy-duty pencil sharpener is actually operated by electricity. This is for die-hard, pencil-sharpening-lovers out there who love to have their pencils in perfect condition, but you can also use this even if you’re not someone who has OCD about their pencils. It makes it easier and faster for you to sharpen your pencils perfectly for this so it’s a great investment. The price is pretty affordable too for such a high-quality and efficient product. It’s quite durable and can withstand wear and tear which is great.

Staedtler Manual Pencil Sharpener

The last product on our list is a pretty simple pencil sharpener but it’s very efficient so a lot of people love this. You might find to like this product too. If you want a small pencil sharpener that can fit inside your small pencil case then this is perfect for you. It has a simple plastic construction that’s durable. You can choose from different colors that come with this product. This is a manual sharpener but using this is very easy since the blade is sharp enough to sharpen any type of pencil. It’s inexpensive too which is great.


In order for you to sharpen your pencils with ease and precision, you need to use the best pencil sharpener. Even though you often take pencil sharpeners for granted, you’ll surely miss out on an easy and hassle-free life if you just use one that can provide you with all the ease of doing a simple task of sharpening your pencils. When you need a pencil sharpener the most, it’s kind of aggravating when you don’t have one at home or at the office. Make sure that you use one that’s durable, efficient and easy to use. If you want one that could fit inside your pencil case, choose a smaller one.

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