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Is your pedestal fan old and rusty? What if it produces a whirring sound at night which disturbs you from sleeping? If your pedestal fan has made you irritatingly uncomfortable, don’t compromise your loved-ones’ safety and convenience, or yours. It’s time you replace them with something new, from our list of highly-recommended pedestal fans.

Lasko Pedestal Fan

Do you still put your pedestal fan in a position that’s favorable to you to feel its cooling presence? With Lasko 1827 Adjustable Pedestal Fan, such a problem’s only a thing of the past.

This pedestal fan has a wide oscillation range to ensure that cool air reaches you, wherever you are. As a matter of fact, you can use its tilt-back feature to redirect air flow to where you need it the most. In terms of safety and energy efficiency, you have nothing to worry about because its plug has passed the Energy Technology Product List (ETL or ETPL)’s electrical standards.

For specifications, this eight-pound product measures 54.5 inches long, 20.5 inches wide, and 20.5 inches thick. Its simple yet classy design makes it easy to assemble so you no longer need any fixing equipment. Choose your level of comfort from its three different types of speed.

Rowenta Pedestal Fan

Can’t sleep because of your noisy pedestal fan? If you need a pedestal fan that keeps you cool and sound asleep at the same time, turn to Rowenta VU5551 Turbo Silence Pedestal Fan.

This pedestal fan is composed of five, expertly-crafted blades that has a maximum air flow capacity of 1695 cubic feet to make you feel comfortable. What’s more interesting about it is that it produces white noise that’s about 40 to 57 decibels, equivalent to the sound that you often hear when you visit the library.

This 19-pound product measures 18 inches wide, 18 inches thick, and can be adjusted from 42 to 54 inches long. Furthermore, it has a sturdy, smooth, bronze-coated base, and comes in two varying styles; Air Turbo Fan and Air Purifier. Want to know what cooling level fits your preference? Check out its four speed levels using its special remote control.

Kaz Stand Fan

Want to save on electric bills without constantly having to check if you’ve turned off all your appliances like your stand fan, when not in use? Then let Kaz Honeywell HS – 1655 Quick Set Stand Fan help you achieve your goal.

This stand fan is composed of a Shut-Off Timer that automatically turns it off after a certain period has passed. In fact, you can even set it according to your preferred running time; one, two, four, and eight hours. Moreover, it has five speed levels that you can control with its remote, and it’s also capable of producing white noise.

This height-adjustable product has dimensions of 22.8 inches long, 21.6 inches wide, and 6.7 inches thick. Its plastic design makes it easy to carry and is available in two colors – black and white. It does its job when it comes to cooling effect and range as well.

What to Look For

Looking for the perfect pedestal fan is not a joke because it’s supposed to give you the comfort and convenience that you deserve. If you’re not careful enough in your selection, you might receive a serious headache. To prevent this from happening, here are the things you should always consider when purchasing a pedestal fan.

  • Safety Seal – Did your pedestal fan pass the approved standards of electrical safety? If you’re having doubts about its credibility, or if it doesn’t contain any safety seal, don’t buy it, even if it’s at an affordable price because its effects might cost you something more than money, later on.
  • Warranty – If you don’t see a warranty information in your pedestal fan’s user manual, verify it with the seller. Warranty is very important because it gives you the authority to reject a defective product from its seller.
  • Repair – Sometimes, you see defects on your items or appliances after you’ve purchased them. If your pedestal fan’s malfunctioning or if there’s something wrong with it, take it only to authorized repair shops because if you don’t, its parts will only be replaced with more defective ones, which makes you spend more than how you should.


Getting the required pedestal fan based on its safety seal, warranty, and repair, not only gives you the security level or energy efficiency that you need, but also helps you create a real and lasting comfort for you and your loved-ones.

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