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One of the most important items found in any restaurant kitchen, office restroom, and some home bathrooms isn’t just the sink or the toilet, but the paper towel holder. Common thought says that all paper towel dispensers are alike. However, one glance at the market and you’ll find different models out there. There are different styles and designs to choose from, and some have varying installation methods. If you find it tough to select the right paper towel holder for your particular requirements, then we’ve got you covered.

Kamenstein Perfect Tear Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder

The Kamenstein Perfect Tear Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder is a simple and straightforward dispenser for your paper towel rolls. It has an innovative Perfect Tear Technology so you can cut paper towels cleanly instead of having to deal with jagged edges. Users can enjoy an easy one-handed operation as all you need to do is pull and tear, and you’ll get perfect results each time.

OXO Good Grips SimplyTear Standing Paper Towel Holder

The OXO Good Grips SimplyTear Standing Paper Towel Holder is a countertop paper towel dispenser that allows users to easily access their paper towels. Furthermore, its innovative design assures users that the paper towels won’t unravel, while the included spring-activated arm lock will easily open and close for loading.

Vertical One Handed Paper Towel Holder

Another excellent countertop paper towel dispenser is the Vertical One Handed Paper Towel Holder by Goodturn. This particular model is simple to use as it requires no buttons, levers, or spring activated arms. All you need to do is slide down a fresh roll of paper towels if you run out, and that’s about it! The stainless steel construction assures you that it’ll last for years.

What to Look For?

The first thing to consider when checking out paper towel holders on the market is the mounting style. These dispensers have mounting styles found in two major categories: countertop and surface-mounted. For surface-mounted paper towel holders, it’s an ideal choice if the bathroom or kitchen doesn’t have a lot of room for you to work with. This particular type of paper towel dispenser will generally have a sleek design which makes it an excellent choice for tight bathrooms and kitchens.

Countertop paper towel holders, on the other hand, work better in spacious kitchens and bathrooms as compared to their surface-mounted counterparts. Furthermore, countertop models let interested buyers have the freedom to choose a broader range of designs. Also, such a variant helps users move the item around flawlessly without following any complicated installation procedures.

Now that we have the mounting styles for paper towel holders covered, the next thing to consider is the type of dispenser. Note that different paper towels call for different dispensers. There are paper towels that come from standard rolls, perforated rolls, and center pull rolls. There are also folded paper towels that primarily go into countertop dispensers. Take note of these types of paper towels when buying a holder. After all, you can’t fit folded paper towels inside some variants of surface-mounted paper towel holders.

Lastly, consider the material of the construction of the holder. Different constructions call for varying levels of durability. Choose from either metal, acrylic, plastic, wicker, or stainless steel paper towel holders, and choose a variant that fits your budget and other specific needs.


When you have the right paper towel holder for your bathroom and kitchen, the next step would be is to, of course, buy some paper towels. Remember, different dispensers call for varying types of paper towels. Make sure to purchase the right paper towels that will go into the dispenser you just bought to avoid making regrets after the purchase is done.

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