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Have you ever heard of a padfolio? If not, then we’re about to drop some knowledge for you to gain. One might think that a padfolio is a hybrid of some sort from the likes of the portfolio. Well, you’re not entirely wrong there. Portfolios and padfolios are very similar in construction but come with notable differences. The way you carry the other is one of the biggest differences. A padfolio is meant to be carried under the arm, unlike the handle which is found by the top of a portfolio. In case you’re interested in padfolios, check out the best padfolio.

Royce Leather Portfolio Padfolio

For the best padfolio, it’s providing the business needs with style, and that’s what is Royce Leather Portfolio Padfolio made of. The Royce Leather Portfolio Padfolio comes with inserted note pad and folder with the outer wrapping being available more than 10 different styles. The Royce Leather Portfolio Padfolio measures 12 1/2 x 9 3/4 x ¾ in inches while weighing a light 1 lb and 14 oz, to be exact. The style comes in the form of smooth leather finish with soft rich texture for comfort grip. For durability, it comes from ultra bonded leather.

Samsill Professional Padfolio

If the best padfolio is too stylish for you then a classic and business-oriented one might suit your flavor. For the Samsill Professional Padfolio, it’s about staying classy and business-oriented with its clean and straightforward design. The Samsill Professional Padfolio features a secure zippered closure with the whole thing sizing up at 10.1-inch that lets you slip in a tablet via its tablet sleeve complete with expandable document organizer and writing pad for your essential business meeting needs. The Samsill Professional Padfolio is available in black and brown napa leather with another size at 13” x 10.5 as the biggest.

Jancosta Business Padfolio Portfolio

If you want to be a minimalist from the outside up to the inside, the next product is for you then. The Jancosta Business Padfolio Portfolio has a simple orientation from the outside as well as the inside in which almost anyone will know how to use it in just one glance. The Jancosta Business Padfolio Portfolio comes with letter size writing notepads while the whole exterior is covered in sleek black finish. The material is of premium PU allowing for inside pockets and slots for cards, a pen, and documents that you’ll need to bring with you.

What to Look For

The most outstanding quality of a padfolio is the ability to be thin as paper. Since they’re lightweight than the regular portfolio, a padfolio is much thinner and lighter thanks to the exclusion of the handle – making it comfortable to be kept under the arm. When you’re shopping for one, you might be confused if the padfolios and portfolios sit beside each other wondering which of which you’re looking for.

In this case, you might want to heed some of our guidelines. First of is the handle. Once you’ve identified which one comes with no-handle, it’s highly likely that’s a padfolio. Next are the design and innards. The design should be similar to a notebook or a laptop or tablet sleeve, once you get that sorted out, it’s time to check what’s inside. The notepad or legal pad should be present, however, instead of extra pockets from the portfolio, it should have a large single pocket for all business documents.


In a nutshell, a padfolio is the younger version of a portfolio with all the storage necessities sans the handle. With that said, the best padfolio is the Royce Leather Portfolio Padfolio.

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