Best Paddle Holster

If you’re a gun-maniac, then you can’t probably live without any gun holster to go with your gun. For one, they provide storage and comfort in case you need it for your professional job or on another case, you just want to feel like you’re one hell of a gun ranger of some sort. Apologize for the reference but in case you’re out looking for a gun holster, you shouldn’t let a paddle holster let out of your sight. A paddle holster offers convenience and ease of use above anything else compared to another gun holster.

Fobus Glock – GL2E2

The secret to being the best paddle holster is being durable yet lightweight at the same time. Exactly, what the Fobus Glock – GL2E2 is offering. The Fobus Glock – GL2E2 has a subtle construction compared to other gun holsters or paddle holsters, in general. Clad in black color and coming in different sizes, the Fobus Glock – GL2E2 comes with fobus evolution holster Glock that weighs only at 2 oz. In a one piece holster body construction, it comes with steel reinforced attachment system and protective sight channel. All in a low profile with a rubberized paddle for the user.

Fobus Standard Holster RH Paddle SWMP

If you’re looking for a paddle holster for S&W and M&P, the next product is for you then. The Fobus Standard Holster RH Paddle SWMP is made for specific guns as stated from its name. It can accommodate a 9mm, .40 caliber, or a .45 caliber which can either come in compact or full size, regardless. Clad also in black, the Fobus Standard Holster RH Paddle SWMP is maintenance free which doesn’t produce oil or sweat even in contact. You can simply wash it with soap and water. It’s made for right handed shooter featuring rubberized paddle and steel reinforced rivet attachment system to go with.

Blackhawk Serpa Sportster Righthand – 4135

If you’re just carrying a gun just for protection only as a normal citizen, you’ll surely love the next product. The Blackhawk Serpa Sportster Righthand – 4135, from the name itself, is made for right handed people. The size comes in a few variants depending on the type of your gun – Smith & Wesson or Glock. The construction of Blackhawk Serpa Sportster Righthand – 4135 boasts traditional polymer materials for injection molded holsters complete with paddle mount only. As mentioned earlier, the Blackhawk Serpa Sportster Righthand – 4135 is made and developed for range use and civilian carriage.

What to Look For

There are tons of paddle holster out there and choosing the right one depends on a few things. Now, you might be wondering why some consider paddle holsters compared to other gun holsters. The main reason for that is the ability to be hidden inside someone’s clothing. Should you wish to keep a low profile especially for a normal citizen with a license to use and carry a gun, a paddle holster is the best match for you.

If you’re planning to get one, you might need to know a few things. The strap it comes with should feel comfortable once you strap it onto your body. Better yet, bring your gun with you so you’ll know the full orientation. Another thing to take note of is the snug of the paddle holster. It should be fit, secure, and tight unless you want it to fall off your pants. Moreover, the fit of paddle holster also depends on your belt.


A paddle holster is a good storage tool to have for small guns should you wish to go out in low profile and not to attract too much attention. In this case, the best paddle holster is the Fobus Glock – GL2E2.

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