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When it comes to your baby, you only want the best. That’s why in choosing diapers, you have to scrutinize every detail about the product. It’s not easy when you find your baby uncomfortable and hurting from a diaper rash caused by diapers that are incompatible with your baby’s skin. Especially at night when you don’t want to disturb your baby sleeping, you need to use an overnight diaper that can actually keep your baby’s bottom dry and comfortable. Here are some of the best overnight diapers that are approved by parents and professionals alike.

Pampers Baby Dry Diapers

Pampers Baby Dry Diapers Size 5, 160 Count

Everybody knows Pampers. They’re a trusted brand that can actually deliver good performance when it comes to keeping your baby comfortable, dry and rash-free. With their special gel technology, it can absorb all the wetness from your baby. This can actually keep your baby three times drier which allows them to sleep undisturbed even at night. With 12 hours of dryness, your baby can sleep longer without interruption. This is made possible thanks to the three highly absorbent layers of the diaper. Compared to other brands, Pampers dry has proven to be a lot more efficient in keeping your baby bum dry.

The good thing about Pampers diapers is it has a color-changing indicator. It’ll alert you when you need to change your baby’s diaper. But with the amazing absorbency of this product, you don’t have to change your baby’s diaper a lot. The price of Pampers is quite reasonable which a lot of parents love. The soft design of this diaper makes it comfortable for your baby to use. It won’t give your baby a rash and won’t constrict your baby’s thighs since this diaper has a soft outer lining that’s designed for your baby.

HUGGIES OverNites Diapers

HUGGIES OverNites Diapers, Size 4, 56 ct., Overnight Diapers

This is another popular diaper brand that you’re probably familiar with. This might not have a very high rating but a lot of parents find no problem when their babies are using it especially at night. They find that their baby can sleep undisturbed since they feel comfortable and dry with their diapers. This is made possible thanks to the special design of this product. It actually has a double leak guard that ensures your baby’s wet diaper won’t leak and cause discomfort for your baby. This also provides your baby with 12 hours protection so they can sleep for longer periods of time.

Unlike other products, this won’t discomfort your baby since it has the perfect fit. The Snug Fit waistband of this product makes sure that your baby’s tummy and thigh area aren’t constricted. It’s also important that you choose the right fit for your baby. Good thing this product comes in different sizes. This product also has a wetness indicator similar to Pampers which changes when the diaper is very wet. With this, you don’t have to change your baby’s diaper at night unless really necessary. The price of this product is quite affordable.

Seventh Generation Baby Diapers

Seventh Generation Baby Diapers, Free and Clear for Sensitive Skin, Original No Designs, Size 3 155ct (Packaging May Vary)

If you’ve exhausted your efforts and haven’t found the perfect diaper for your baby who has extremely sensitive skin then this might be the product that you’re searching for. This is actually specially made to suit the needs of babies with sensitive skin. This might be pricier compared to other brands but when it comes to your baby’s welfare and comfort nothing is too expensive for concerned parents. This diaper is able to absorb wetness effectively so your baby’s skin won’t suffer from rashes and discomfort. With this, your baby can sleep longer at night without discomfort.

With the special design of this efficient diaper, your baby won’t experience any diaper leaks with its high capacity core. Your baby’s skin will remain dry and protected all night long. The good thing about this product is it’s made of hypoallergenic materials. Even the most sensitive baby’s skin will find that this can provide adequate relief. It doesn’t contain any fragrances which can irritate the skin of your baby and it also doesn’t have any chlorine bleaching which is found in other products. What’s even more amazing is most of the materials in this diaper are sustainable and good for the environment.


In order for you and your baby to have uninterrupted sleep at night, you need to use the best overnight diaper. It should be highly absorbent in order to keep your baby dry, comfortable and rash-free all night long. The fit of the diaper should be perfect and won’t discomfort your baby in any way. It’s also important that you choose one that’s good for the sensitive skin of your baby. When it comes to your baby’s needs you only want the best products out there. When your baby is healthy, comfortable and happy, you’re happy and accomplished too.

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