Best Overhead DVD Player

Long drives may just be tolerable for the family if you have an overhead DVD player. These DVD players provide quality visuals and sound with just a very small and compact design. Though these players may come off as pricey, it’s going to be worth the spending if you choose the right one. The list below shows the top 3 overhead DVD players that were rated the most.

Pyle PLRD92 DVD Player

Looking for an overhead DVD that’s worth the purchase? Pyle offers a top-rated DVD player that’s not only under $200 but also has features that you’ll certainly love. Its design and features will be perfect for your car.

This 9-inch DVD player has a 16:9 LCD monitor that’s just the right size to entertain the people at the back when you’re too busy to talk. It also has multimedia support so you can play both movies and music on it. Despite the cheap price, this DVD player shows media in lifelike color. It has a high-resolution LCD monitor that shows crystal clear images. Not only that, this is also pretty slim too, making it easy to put away when not in use. With its sleek form, it’s not too bulky or taking up much space in your car. Each package comes with an extra input cable so the people in the front can also watch the same thing.

BOSS Audio DVD Player

If you’re looking for a wireless DVD player, BOSS Audio has the right DVD player for you. This 12-inch DVD player has a flip down and widescreen monitor that will be convenient to use when in the car. Although being quite pricey than most, this also has features that will make it more than worth the purchase.

This DVD player has a 1280×800 screen resolution, can be adjusted up to 30 degrees, and can play DVDs, CDs, flash drives, SD cards, MP3s, and WMAs. This DVD player supports up to 32 GB SD memory cards for music playbacks. You can also connect your player to play any HD video using the AV input. As mentioned before, this is a wireless DVD player so it comes with a remote to help you navigate through it. It also features a wireless dual channel IR so the viewers at the back can enjoy the show without disturbing the driver.


This PYLE DVD player features a 14-inch monitor that’s bigger than most, making it one of the most affordable big screen players in the market. Not only that, this DVD player also has a compact design that will make you love it even more. It’s slim and easy to use.

This DVD player has a monitor that displays crystal clear images that will show you deep and rich colors in 1024×768 resolution. It has a slim and compact design that will not be bulky in your car and will even compliment its interiors. It also has a built-in IT transmitter that allows you to watch with wireless headphones so you won’t disturb anybody else in the car. This player has one video input and a video and stereo output. You can also watch on your in-dash DVD player the same thing because it’s inclusive of an extra video input cable.

What to look for

These products can come a bit pricey since they’re supposed to show high-resolution shows on it. Therefore, keeping the price in mind, you must choose the best one so as to avoid wasting money. Here are specifications you need to look out for:

  • Design – is the DVD player slim and compact? Though it’s not necessary, it still pays to have a DVD player that won’t get in the way and won’t take too much space. Another aspect is whether you can adjust the screen further after flipping it down, providing more access and comfort when watching.
  • Other features – such as being wireless, having an IR transmitter, etc. These are notnecessary but can be quite useful when the right time comes. However, these may cost more, so if you’re willing to spend more, then consider these features.


These overhead DVD players can be quite pricey. What’s important is that these don’t cause harm to the people in the car and won’t be distracting to you. These players also have a lot of different features and choosing the right may just be convenient for long trips.

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