Best Outdoor String Light

String lights are one of the best decorations you can have in your home. You can have it indoors or outdoors especially during holidays. It is a string of mini-bulbs that is powered by a single source such as the electricity.

String lights are now available in different designs, colors, shapes, and sizes. There are string lights that are shaped like heart, stars, globes, and others.

Nowadays, people use outdoor string lights as displays for garden weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, and other occasions. It gives a romantic effect, especially at night time. It is energy-efficient than spot lights and other kinds of lighting.

Check out some of the best outdoor string lights available in the market today:

ADDLON Solar String Lights

The first product to try is the ADDLON solar string lights. The ADDLON trading is distributing sports equipment, gears, and home essentials. It is currently based in Australia but it has branches around the world. One of their best sellers is the Addlon solar string lights.

This product is available in different colors such as warm white and multicolor. This is waterproof and perfect for outdoor architectures, landscapes, Christmas trees, and gardens.

The product measures 22 meters or 72 feet and it has 200 bead lamps. It also features two modes: the first one is flash while the other is steady-on.

The package includes the lights, spike, and solar panel. It can be charged for 6 to 8 hours and can work for about 8 to 15 hours. The product dimension is 6.8″ x 3.6″ x 3.6″ and it weighs about 6.4 ounces only. Grab your own ADDLON solar string lights and start decorating your garden with zero electricity now!

Brightown 25Ft G40 Globe String Lights with Clear Bulbs

Another must-have is the Brightown globe string lights. Brightown has been established in 2014 and it specializes in creating string lights, LED bulbs, and candles.

The Brightown globe string lights are available in different colors such as green and white. It is waterproof too.

The product is made of copper, plastic, and glass. It uses 110 volts of electricity. It measures 25 feet long with 25 G40 5-watts bulbs and an E12 candelabra. The spacing between each bulb is 12 inches, the diameter of each bulb is 1.5 inches, and the bulb is incandescent.

The product dimension is 9″ x 8.8″ x 3.8″ and it weighs about 1.4 pounds only. The company also offers a one-year warranty with the outdoor string lights.

This product is best for birthday parties and any celebrations. You can have it in gardens, patios, decks, rooftops, and any part of the house.

MineTom 100 LED 36 ft Globe String Lights

Another must-haves is the MineTom 100 LED globe string lights. This product is available in various colors which are white and yellow. The globe string lights are brighter than any brands and it can be used in any gatherings or parties at home.

The product dimension is 7.3″ x 4.2″ x 4″ and it weighs about 1.1 pounds only. It requires 110 volts of electricity. The product is made of plastic and glass.

It has 100 LED bulbs that measure a total of 36 feet or 11 meters. It features globe lights which are non-friable in comparison with other brands. The space between each bulb is about 4.3 inches and it has 5 inches of male plug wire. Overall, the product measures 41 inches.

It is waterproof, works even at outdoors, and its power consumption is low. Try this one now and start decorating your home!

What to Look For

Shopping for outdoor string lights are as easy as one-two-three! However, with the wide choices in the market; you might get overwhelmed too. Thus, familiarize yourself with these tips to save some time, money, and effort in buying quality string lights:

In buying outdoor string lights, make sure that is made of high-quality materials. You can opt for incandescent bulbs, globe lights, LED bulbs, or rope lights. See to it that it is approved by the regulatory commission of the government so you’ll be sure that it is safe to use.

You can also opt for solar or electric string lights, depending on your needs. Solar string lights need the solar energy to function while electric string lights just need to be plugged in the electricity. Solar string lights are eco-friendly too.

Finally, choose products with the corresponding color or design that your proposed project location should have. Some of the string lights color is white, blue, yellow, green, orange, red, and violet.


In sum, string lights have been used by many people throughout the world because it offers good ambiance in our gardens during night time. The design of outdoor string lights have evolved through the years, there are now products that are shaped like the stars and has the same color as the fireflies.

Be sure to grab some of the products above-mentioned because these are the best outdoor string lights available in the market today. Also, the tips listed can be helpful for the whole family in buying string lights.

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