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Security is one of the overlooked features of a house or home rather. Although you might feel safe inside with all four walls surrounding the household and doors from the front and back are locked, the outside world is still a dangerous place so you’d rather have the right security. In this case, the very basic that you can do is to install outdoor security light to let you and the members inside the house know what’s happening outside as well as to make burglars think twice. With that said, we round up the best outdoor security light for you.

Mr. Beams MB360 Wireless LED Spotlight

Mr Beams MB360 Wireless LED Spotlight with Motion Sensor and Photocell - Weatherproof - Battery Operated - 140 Lumens

The best outdoor security light that’s currently available on the market is the Mr. Beams MB360 Wireless LED Spotlight. The Mr. Beams MB360 Wireless LED Spotlight has the characteristics of light that would survive the harsh effects of the outdoor environment. It features a bright 140 lumens in which consumes low power for you to save your electricity bill all the while making your house safe. The security feature kicks in with its motion sensor tracking, turning on if it detects any movement within its range. Last but not the least, the best outdoor security light is a wireless tool which runs on battery.

URPOWER Solar Lights LED Wireless Motion Sensor Outdoor Light

Despite ending up on the second place for our best outdoor security light, the URPOWER Solar Lights LED Wireless Motion Sensor Outdoor Light is still one of the most preferred security light for most as it’s one of the best-sellers out there. The URPOWER Solar Lights LED Wireless Motion Sensor Outdoor Light features a weatherproof construction and wireless installation with all that being powered by nothing but sunlight, meaning, you won’t be paying additional electrical bills. Furthermore, the URPOWER Solar Lights LED Wireless Motion Sensor Outdoor Light only lights up when it detects motion within its 10 feet and 120-degree range.

Litom LED Outdoor Motion Sensor Solar Light

Similar to the previous product, the Litom LED Outdoor Motion Sensor Solar Light ended up as the third best outdoor security light but it’s still popular among households as it shares the same best-selling title with the second best as previously mentioned. The Litom LED Outdoor Motion Sensor Solar Light shines bright with its 526 lumens covering wide-angle this time for a larger scope. The brightness is made possible by the 24 Solar LED bulbs. Similar to the first two, it also features wireless installation, and similar to the second product, it’ll only require sunlight to recharge it. Oh, it comes with a motion sensor, too.

What to Look For

No doubt, almost all outdoor security light can serve as a great security feature for your home. However, you might actually gain more advantage with premium outdoor security light. When you’re out and about looking for the best one, just make sure to keep in mind some important reminders.

Brightness – check first the brightness. It’s the most important feature regardless of the additional features that come with it. The rule is very simple. The brighter, the better. It’s worth considering and taking a brighter outdoor security light in exchange for additional features. But with great brightness comes with the great bill. This is where you should take things into another account.

LED – the LED bulbs basically sum up your electricity bill. The more bulbs there is the better power it needs. You need to have good balance whether you want brightness above all in exchange for higher electricity bill. But in this case, it’s choosing the sweetest spot. A good below 20 bulbs would be enough to light up your driveway, patio, or garden.

Motion Sensor – an outdoor security light won’t be considered as one without the motion tracking sensor. It’s the standing out feature of its category so you better make sure it comes with it.

Weatherproof – since it’s expected to sit out in the dark regardless whether there’s an incoming storm or heavy rain as well as snow, the construction of an outdoor security light should be able to protect itself against it, thus making it weatherproof.


Basically, any light that could shine upon a space in the dark can already be considered as an outdoor security light. However, it’s going to hurt your electricity bill as well as the bulb as it’ll wear out in the long run. An outdoor security light of today comes with the feature of motion sensor – activating itself only when it senses motion within its given range – an answer to the problem as mentioned earlier. And in this case, the Mr. Beams MB360 Wireless LED Spotlight is the best outdoor security light that you can get now featuring easy installation with no wires needed, weatherproof body to protect against harsh environmental factors and bright LED bulbs with motion sensing tracking feature.

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