Best Outdoor Flood Light

Flood lights have grown popular over the years, especially with its use at home. With flood lights, you can be secured by the amount of light it gives when it senses motion outside your home. Other than that, flood lights are also useful for other things like lighting your backyard or anything that gets dark by night. These flood lights usually range from really cheap prices to really expensive ones. The list below shows the top 3 flood lights in the market.

Warmoon Waterproof LED Flood Light

This flood light from Warmoon has a lot of different features that will amaze you because it’s so cheap. This justifies that items don’t have to be expensive for it to be useful. If you have problems with the flood light, it has an 18-month warranty and friendly customer service.

This flood light is safe to use even when there’s fluctuation between 85 to 265 volts because of the ground wire that’s connected to it and the wide voltage to make it work properly. This is even waterproof with design IP65. It’s not only great for indoors but also ideal for outdoor use as well. It produces bright light because it’s made with high-quality chips that are brighter and more durable than that common floodlights usually use. It has 4 main colors which are red, green, blue, and white. With these 4 colors, you can have a total of 16 color combinations.

Hyperikon LED Flood Light

If you’re worried that flood lights might spike up your electricity bill, Hyperikon makes sure that their flood light will save 76% of your money by replacing the 125W to 30W. It also has a lot of different features that will make you love this even more. For these features, the flood light will come a bit pricey but it’s going to be worth the spending.

This flood light is designed to be installed easily and hassle-free. You can hang this wherever you want and just plug it to turn it on. It has built-in motion or dusk-to-dawn sensors that will easily sense light levels and motion range of 150 degrees, up to 50 feet. This flood light has a long life with up to 21 years of use, with an average of 6 hours a day; that’s about 45, 000 hours. You don’t have to bother changing the bulbs for this light. Its IP65 waterproof rating will assure you that this flood light can withstand strong weather conditions. Whether it’s strong rains, sleet, or snow, your flood light will survive.

Leonlite LED Flood Light

With a price that’s just affordable, Leonlite gives you a flood light that’s highly-sensitive, adjustable, high-performing, qualified, and durable. It even has a 5-year warranted and satisfaction guarantee that won’t leave you disappointed.

It’s highly-sensitive with its 180-degree angle and a maximum of 70-feet sensing range. It automatically turns on when motion is detected and automatically turns off when it doesn’t sense any more motion. The rotatable light head, lens hoods, and motion sensor are perfect for you because you can adjust them to your preference. It has 2 ultra-bright LED lights that can produce up to 1600 lumens. With this, it can produce a clear white light that will provide efficient lighting for any living environment. It also has a lifespan of 50, 000 hours making it long-lasting and stable.

What to look for

There are several things you need to consider when buying flood lights. It’s not just the price that matters but also the different features that you need. Here are criteria:

  • Lifespan – one of the most important parts of a flood light is its lifespan. Choose one that doesn’t need bulb replacements more often than not. Just like the list above, look for a flood light that will last you years.
  • Design – it also pays to have a flood light that can be adjusted. Unless your house is already design to have specific locations for flood lights, it’s best to purchase ones that have multiple adjustable features to be beneficial for you.
  • Durability – these flood lights will be placed outside, most of the time. So they must be durable enough to withstand many weather conditions, even the strong ones.


Given the list above, it’s up to you to choose your flood light as long as you know it’s compatible with your place.

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