Best Organic Diaper Creams

Do you often notice your babies scratch, rub, or cry due to their diaper rash? Protect your babies’ skin against diaper rash and other skin problems, with our best organic diaper creams.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic Diaper Cream

Angel Baby Bottom Balm Natural Cloth Diaper Cream (2 Fl. Oz.)

Are your babies suffering from skin irritation? With Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm, you can finally say goodbye to such a problem.

This organic diaper cream contains shea butter and other oils that have anti-bacterial properties to prevent fungal growth, which could lead to various skin diseases. As a matter of fact, it even protects your babies’ skin against insect bites to keep it healthy and smooth.

This product measures 1.6 inches long, 1.6 inches wide, and 1.6 inches thick. It has no harmful chemicals which makes it safe for your babies’ delicate skin.

Weleda Organic Diaper Cream

Weleda Diaper Care Cream with Calendula 2.8oz

Are your babies usually experiencing rashes due to wet diapers? Bring back their skin’s natural condition using Weleda Diaper Care Cream With Calendula.

This organic diaper cream has a calendula-infused formula to eliminate red and swollen skin, so your babies’ skin looks healthy. With it, your babies will also feel comfortable while playing or sleeping, for their continuous development.

This dermatologically-tested product measures 5.5 inches long, 2 inches wide, and 1.5 inches thick. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemical as well. It comes in one, two, and three-piece packs.

Era Organics Organic Diaper Cream

Diaper Rash Cream 2oz. USDA Certified Organic Soothing Diaper Rash Treatment for Sensitive Skin. Natural Ointment to Nourish and Protect from Moisture, Infection, Chaffing and Irritation.

Are your babies’ skin cracked and unusually itchy? It’s time you nourish it with Era Organics Diaper Rash Cream.

This organic diaper cream contains sunflower oil, including other minerals, to repair your babies’ damaged skin cells and regenerate their natural protection. In turn, your babies’ skin will have its soft and healthy glow. It also treats eczema and other common skin problems.

This product measures 2.5 inches long, 2 inches wide, and 2 inches thick. Since it’s specifically made for sensitive skin, it doesn’t have additives that could be hazardous to health.

What to Look For

Babies’ skin is naturally delicate. Therefore, you need to pick an organic diaper cream that quickly addresses your babies’ skin problems, without harming the skin itself, based on the following criteria.

  • Non Toxic – When you say a non-toxic organic diaper cream, this refers to something that has no parabens, phthalates, or other additives that might be damaging to skin, or overall health. In other words, it’s supposedly hypoallergenic.
  • Anti Bacterial – An organic diaper cream needs to be anti-bacterial for the obvious reason that you use it on your babies’ skin to protect it against infection and disease-causing germs, which might accumulate overtime, due to long hours of wetness exposure.
  • Anti Inflammatory – An organic diaper cream should also contain an important anti-inflammatory component to restore your babies’ natural skin appearance and relieves pain. Usually, babies that have swollen and reddish skin are uncomfortable because they feel a slight pain on the affected area.


Getting an organic diaper cream by being meticulous to its non-toxic, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, helps you keep your babies’ skin well-nourished and protected, from diaper rash and other skin problems.

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