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Ever since thermometers that use mercury were prohibited, people have completely moved to digital thermometers. One of the best features of these thermometers is that they can be used for your mouth, armpits or anal. And regardless of where you use it, you don’t have to worry because these thermometers have also innovated to being waterproofed to allow you to clean them with soap and water. The tips of these have also been innovated to be flexible enough to be used in your mouth, armpit, or anal. The list below shows the top 3 thermometers in the market that are highly-rated.

Generation Guard Clinical Digital Thermometer

Clinical Digital Thermometer Best to Read & Monitor Fever Temperature in 15 Seconds by Oral Rectal Underarm & Axillary - Professional Thermometers & Reliable Readings for Baby, Adult & Children

Generation Guard offers a thermometer that quickly measures temperature. They claim to measures four times faster than their competitors in their market. Not only that, it’s super sensitive that make it best regardless if it’s your mouth, anal, or armpit. If you’re scared about its rapid measuring, you can trust and rely on this thermometer because it’s approved by regulators of medical supplies. Moreover, this is also comfortable for basal body temperature because it features a flexible tip and waterproof design. This thermometer also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the product at all.

Enji Prime Digital Medical Thermometer

This digital thermometer from Enji Prime is one of the most reliable thermometers in the market because it can also be used 3 ways to measure temperature. Whether it’s rectal, oral, or auxiliary, you can quickly measure anybody’s temperature with the assurance that it’s accurate and reliable. This thermometer is CE-FDA approved and clinically tested. It also has a flexible tip with an easy-to-read display that can easily be turned by just one click. It’s also one of the cheapest thermometers in the market that doesn’t sacrifice reliability for affordability. If you’re tight with your budget, choose this one.

iProven Digital Thermometer

Best Digital Medical Thermometer, Easy Accurate and Fast 10 second Reading Oral and Rectal Thermometer for Children and Adults with Fever Indicator

Another thermometer that measures quickly is from iProven. Though it’s quite expensive, you can trust this thermometer to prioritize your safety and time. This quickly reads temperature, as fast as 10 seconds and accurately up to 1/10 degree. It’s softer in the mouth, more convenient, and no longer slips out because you can just bite and hold. This also has an indicator that quickly informs you if your temperature is good, high, or too high. It records the previous temperature measured to allow you to monitor the temperature for your convenience. It’s waterproof which makes it easier to clean.

What to look for

People have different preferences when it comes to thermometers, especially with a market that has a lot of different options. The list below shows the different aspects that you need to consider when you are buying a thermometer:

  • Reading – although it’s not necessary to have a thermometer that can rapidly read temperatures, as long as the reading is accurate and reliable then you’re good to go with the thermometer that you want. However, if you really want a quick-reading thermometer, there are some in the market that can read as quickly as 10 seconds without compromising accuracy and reliability.
  • Waterproof – if you plan to use this on different people, then you should get a thermometer that’s waterproof and can easily be washed. Nothing’s worse than causing the same kind of sickness in everybody you use it on.
  • Flexible tip – not every tip is compatible for each and every area you use it on. So this aspect is an important one to avoid feeling any discomfort when getting the temperature. With this kind of tip, the person won’t have to feel additional discomfort even if it’s just for a while.


The thermometers above are just a few of the ones in the market but they’re one of the best out there. With these thermometers, you can easily get the temperature in no time without adding discomfort to the person. These items are also quite affordable so whether you choose a slightly expensive one, you’re still okay with your budget. The improvements in these thermometers have also added with the convenience you should get when you’re sick or when you’re monitoring someone sick. Just make sure that you properly clean and wash these after using it to ensure that it remains clean.

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