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There are lots of things that we can be joyful of when it comes to cooking. However cooking is not just about the joy but it’s also about the responsibilities and the complex process that we go through and do. This makes our dishes even more valuable and extremely delicious.

Lots of items in things Are available in the market so that we can use it for our kitchen needs. Specifically, a one-handed Peppermill is a good example. When it comes to cooking a pepper mill helps us do things more conveniently, easily and faster.

If you are someone who is definitely looking for something that can be functional despite of using one hand Then I think you came to the right place. People get too busy in the kitchen and it is only ideal to find something very efficient. The listed One HandedPepperr Mills below Are the top five items that you can look for. Take a look and then Make your pick.

iBunnyShop Premium Stainless Steel Electric Pepper Grinder or Salt Grinder Mill

The first item on our list comes in premium high quality. First thing with its ceramic mechanism it is indeed very durable and it would last longer than how much you would expect. To be honest it’s even better than metal because it’s not corrosive it doesn’t rust in it is an unreactive ceramic which means that it would not change or affect the flavor of the spices that you would keep inside the grinder.

Aside from how effective inconvenient to use it is by the looks it is actually also very modern and contemporary because it comes in the color of silver or like an aluminum. It is also easy and quick to use because I can simply press a single button and you don’t have to use both of your hands to operate it.
What’s even more fascinating about this item is that it runs on a battery. Even if it is not included with the item I’m sure that it is very easy to find 4 AA size batteries. The only thing that you have to do is open the top by twisting it and then insert the batteries inside. Plus in order to feel the container with the spices that you want you can simply take off it’s bottom. Specifically this item weighs 1.1 pounds and has a measurement of 10.8 inches x 3.2 inches x 2.4 inches.

Chef’n PepperBall

When I saw this item I cannot help but say it’s so cute! But I am absolutely telling you that the looks of it is not misleading at all because this item is surely very convenient and efficient to use. In order to fill it with your spice the first thing that you have to do is Twist of the top handle and now you can easily feel it with pepper for example.

By the looks that handle on top comes looking like an ear of a bunny that you can squeeze to grind the peppers manually. Then at the middle section you can see through it because of its glass appearance. Also this item only weighs 7 oz and has a dimension of 3.5 inches x 3.1 inches x 5.1 inches.
If that’s not much really but I have something more to say. You see the base of this one handed pepper grinder can be twisted so that you can add Jaws the coarseness of your pepper depending on what you want. Isn’t that something that not every grinder has? It is absolutely impressive for the price that it comes and even with the size of it. I am quite certain that you would enjoy this one.

Kitch Elegance Pepper Mill or Salt Shaker Premium

With it’s somewhat futuristic design I was almost questioning how effective this item was. But as I use it along the way it just becomes more and more impressive and I absolutely appreciate it. To be honest with you this grinder looks very elegant and I’m sure lots of you would appreciate and want something like that. It looks very well wherever you would store it in your kitchen but of course it also actually works very well too.

Would its single hand design it is a very unique salt or pepper shaker and grinder that you can use easily by a gently squeezing it with your hand. Also the peppercorns will not clog at all because it was designed for refined grinding and it is also adjustable so that you can select the size of the granules whenever you are cooking.
The lean is made of silicon which is something that you can easily twist and remove so that you would be able to refill it with black peppercorns. Aside from that the meat is also very effective in securing what’s inside the grinder so that there wouldn’t be any accidents or spilling. I would really say that you have to get this item for yourself and see how you would appreciate it too.

Chef’n Bistro Combo Grinder

Weighing 9.9 oz in measuring 3 inches by 2.5 inches by 8.5 in this item is ideally compact for storage. It has good features and the materials are absolutely of good quality. I guess it would be ideal both for beginners and Professionals in the kitchen. As for me I would actually consider this one a something that everyone should have for cooking so that things can go easier smoother and quickly.

By squeezing the handle the spout easily pores and dispenses pinches and dashing of your pepper and also salt. Then if ever you would like to refill it a very simple twist of the top can also be easily done so that you can place the salt inside and on the bottom of it you can also twist the half to refill the pepper.
So this is how it works. On top you have the soul which is something that you can shake off easily and then at the bottom I swear peppercorns are stored and that’s you squeeze the handle which comes along top besides the storage for the salt this would then grind the pepper and release them at the bottom.

COLE & MASON Oxley One Handed Pepper Grinder

With its shiny and chrome appearance or color this item is made of stainless steel. With the details altogether I would absolutely say that this item is very durable and it would absolutely last for quite some time. Among the others even if this item is on the bottom of the list I would say this is one of my favorite and I would let you know why.

Weighing 7.2 oz in measuring 2.2 inches x 2.2 inches x 5.4 inches this item includes grind settings at the bottom which could give you an option of the perfect grain. Once you remove the cap on top buy easily snapping it, you would then feel it easily and quickly with the peppercorns. Despite of it being so stylish it is not just meant for that because it is also very dependable.

What to look for

In getting a single-handed pepper mill one of the sole purposes of it is to make things convenient and easier. That is why the first thing that you have to look for in getting this kind of item is the technological design of it. You see once it has been well this sign based on and by the use of Technology it would be easier and it would be more efficient to use. This would mean that the word that you have to do as you cook or as you’re working in the kitchen is also done more conveniently and faster. I’m certain that all of us would want that right?

Next thing is we have to look for the size. Probably most of these items have been designed to probably be fitting well with a size in accordance to an average adult. Still, we all have different preferences and needs depending on our physical features too. If you want something Compact and somehow very handy then a smaller-sized one handed Pepper Mill would be perfect. Otherwise, I’m sure that’s something big is also easy to find.

I guess I would say that this is the last thing that you can look for when you are getting Peppermill. You have to check its capacity. If you are tired of having the need to reveal your pepper me almost all the time that you use it then something would be your capacity to hold larger number or amount of Pepper would be ideal. Choosing something like that without compromising the size that you want would also be a better choice.


Cooking and preparing meals are part of daily lives of every human being. There are also small woes that we experience when doing so but I hope this would not affect your performance and the dish or the recipe that you were trying to make.

This is one of the many reasons why people continually invent and create devices that are very helpful in the smallest and the biggest things that we do in our lives. Our schedule and our routine goes on quickly and in a very busy way that’s why having tools that would help you achieve your schedule and goals conveniently without much effort is a good collection to add to your life.

Please do remember the things that you have to look for in getting a one-handed Pepper Mill and you will never go wrong. As you compare the features and they mentioned the details and a description of each item I’m sure you won’t regret buying or getting any of them.

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