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As our technology progresses, so does our movies, music and other sound media. With this, producers of high-quality speakers are stepping up their game. One of which is the on-wall speakers. These speakers offer the convenience of being able to have more free space and sound surround but still maintaining that high-quality sound. On-wall speakers offer convenient and minimalist designs that will make a buyer happier when watching movies or listening to music.

The list below shows the top 3 on-wall speakers that customer love.

Dual Electronics Indoor and Outdoor Studio Speakers

This multi-purpose speaker set from Dual Electronics is not only great for indoors but also for outdoors. It has a lot of different features for such a cheap price. This unique set of speakers will really set the bar high for you.

As mentioned earlier, this multi-purpose set has settings and features that allow it to be installed inside and outside of your place, without ever compromising the standard and quality. It has versatile swivel brackets that allow a 12-degree range of motion. Regardless of where you place it, the sound will still be of high-quality. It has a UV-treated and ABS enclosure protection that will make it weather resistant and preserve its audio quality. It has naturally amplified sound production from the 4-inch woofer, 1-inch midrange, and three-fourth inch tweeter. It’s digitally optimized for sound superiority. Comes with a 1-year warranty.

Bose Speaker System

Bose offers one of the best kind of speakers in the market, and their on wall speakers are no different. These versatile speakers will give you high-quality sound that will be wonderful to listen to. Just like it’s quality, the price can also be quite expensive. But if you really want something that’s great, this one should be an option.

These speakers are ideal for placing on the bookshelf or on the wall. Despite their size, these speakers can easily compete with larger home stereo speakers for the quality of their sound. This speaker will produce a balanced sound, even if you place it in a large room. You don’t have to worry about placing this too close to your TV because it’s magnetically shielded. Each package of this Bose speakers come with custom mounting brackets and self-adhesive rubber feet that will useful for additional placement options.

Polk Audio On-Wall Speaker

If you’re looking for a set of on-wall speakers with a lot of different mounting options, this will be a great choice for you. Polk Audio offers a set of on-wall speakers with seven different mounting options. This plus a lot of other great features will make its expensive price worth it.

With its design, you can either mount this on the wall or corner or simply put it on the table. Either way, this set of speakers will still provide high-quality sound regardless of its location. Other mounting options include an angled wall mounting that will let you have the advantage of quality sound despite the difficult placement. This set of speakers will provide you with 5.1, 6.1, or 7.1 channel surround system. It comes with a 1-inch fabric dome tweeter. It also incorporates a 4 and a half inch driver give capacitive coupling bass technology for low-frequency response.

What to look for

As the name suggests, the speakers have to be versatile enough to produce quality sound despite its location. With this, you must be able to look for the best speaker with the highest quality:

  • Mounting options – are the mounting options suitable for the area that you want to place the speakers in? For the purpose alone, these speakers must be able to produce high-quality sound regardless of its location.
  • Sound quality – not only is the location important but also the sound quality. This is the most important part of the speakers so you need to check this thoroughly so as to not be disappointed with the outcome.


Listening to sound has never been this convenient for us. With the invention of on wall speakers, we can now maximize the little space we have at home and evenly hear the audio anywhere. Not only that, these speakers also produce quality sound that will surely add up to the wonders of this invention.

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